'Supernatural' Rumors: Is It Getting Cancelled Or Is Season 12 Coming

Danny Cox

Supernatural is currently in the middle of its eleventh season on The CW, and while the Winchesters are aging, are they ready to call it quits? Some have wondered if Season 12 would even be happening or if it is coming up on the time for the hit show to be cancelled. Many TV series don't run nearly as long as Supernatural already has, but is the time coming for it to finally end?

Well, Supernatural already has its name in the record-books as the longest running scripted show that has ever come out of The CW. The president of the network knows that he has had a good thing on his hands for a very long time and the ratings prove that.

Still, Mark Pedowitz would be one of those who finally says when it is time for the plug to be pulled on a show and some do believe that Supernatural has run its course. According to TV Insider though, Pedowitz doesn't really agree with them at all.

"My answer to Supernatural's [future], from the day I've gotten here—and I've been pretty consistent—is if they can keep telling stories and the numbers keep holding and the guys want to do it, we're going to try and keep going. I can't tell you if [the not-yet-ordered] season 12 is the end, I can't tell you if season 15 is the end. I can't tell you it won't outlast my tenure at The CW. My guess is, it will outlast me."

According to Pedowitz, the cast of Supernatural is more than happy doing exactly what they have been doing for years.

"Both Jared (Padalecki) and Jensen (Ackles) are having a blast. As long as they're having a blast, it's a great thing. The show is performing better than it did last year, better than you could ever hope. I'm very hopeful that we'll see it again."

All of this came about because executive producer Jeremy Carver said that Season 11 would see a lot of big-time returns. He said that there would be fan favorites and enemies and friends and who knows who else showing back up in the lives of Sam and Dean.

With everything already happening this season, combined with the good ratings and the blessing of the president of The CW, Supernatural pretty much has everlasting life.

Mark Pedowitz really thinks that the legs of Supernatural are far from tired and truly doesn't "think anyone's out of juice." The CW has a hit on their hands and they've known it for a very long time, and the good news for fans is that they are helping keep the Winchesters on the air year in and year out.

[Image via The CW]