Woman Selling Soul on eBay, $2,000, Slightly Used

A woman is selling her soul on eBay, listing her non-corporeal person for a mere two large in an auction that is almost sure to be pulled if it hasn’t been already.

The seller selling her soul on eBay is a woman identified only as Lori N., and she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ms. N. is a freelance writer, but suffered a major setback in a 2007 car crash.

Before selling her soul on eBay, Lori was in an accident, during which a drunk driver plowed into her vehicle. Lori’s body suffered some very severe damage, including the loss of a breast, a broken leg, hip, and pelvis, a collapsed lung, and a stroke.

Since the accident, Lori N. has struggled to get her writing mojo back, which is why she has resorted to selling her soul on eBay. Of her decision to sell her soul on eBay, Lori simply and sadly explains:

“I’m at the point now, I’m tired… I don’t feel good. I’m near the end of my rope… I really am.”

She tells an interviewer what she is offering in the eBay soul auction:

“What I’m gonna deliver is the opportunity for someone to save my soul. They can save it through prayer, they can save it through conversion. They’re also gonna get a certificate detailing the white and black marks on my soul.”

Previous auctions during which people had tried selling their souls on eBay have been halted by the online auction house, but it does not appear Lori’s auction has yet been stopped.