‘Battlefield Hardline: Getaway’ DLC With Free Competitive Match System Dropping Tuesday For Premium Members [Video]

The third of the four DLCs for Battlefield Hardline is arriving this week. New contents for the base game will be added as well.

According to PC Gamer, the “Getaway” DLC for the first-person shooter video game will be available first for Battlefield: Hardline Premium owners on Tuesday, January 12. Those who do are not Premium members will get the Getaway DLC two weeks later, particularly on January 26.

Below is a tweet from EA teasing Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC.


The upcoming DLC, according to the official Battlefield website is described to be the “fastest, most explosive expansion yet.” One of the highlights of the forthcoming content pack is the new game mode called Capture the Bag, a mode featuring similarities to “capture the flag,” as noted on PC Gamer, citing EA.

In this new game mode, as Videogamer described, two teams will compete over bags filled with cash that need to be secured and be brought to each team’s base safely.

There are four new maps coming upon the arrival of the newest Battlefield: Hardline DLC, namely Pacific Highway, Train Dodgle, Diversion, and Double Cross. Moreover, fans can expect four new vehicles, a new gadget and a melee weapon and four Legendary Camos. Mechanic Class will also get three new weapons from Getaway DLC.

Further describing the Battlefield expansion, the official website for Battlefield shared.

“Whether you’re making a dusty, high-speed escape across the Mexican border, or closing in on a hot pursuit along the sun-drenched Pacific coast, you’ll be chasing glory at top speed when you play ‘Battlefield Hardline: Getaway.'”

Watch the gameplay cinematic trailer for the Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC below.

Together with the Battlefield Hardline Getaway DLC, the base game is also getting more weapons and patches, as recently posted on Battlelog. Additionally, a new way to play will also be released for free.

Officially referred to as Competitive Match system, this allows the Battlefield Hardline players “to compete in skill-based 5v5 matches, with regularly refreshed seasons, leaderboards, and winners.” With this new system, the play is structured into two to three week-long seasons.

Players of the Visceral game can opt to play solo or with a squad if they are using a game console from Microsoft and Sony. Those with similar skill will be matched against the player. Moreover, Skill Rating goes up for good performance. Battlelog further explained the Competitive Match system.

“Your Skill Rating is recalculated after every match, and ranges from the lowly Cadet to the top-ranking Elite Gold Captain. Over time, skilled players will compete against the best-of-the-best for the top position on the current season’s leaderboard. When the season concludes, the Top 5 players will be granted an exclusive upgrade to their Kill Card, and the #1 player will be celebrated for all to see.”

Competitive Match features two leagues, a Standard and a Premium League. Those with Premium membership can access velvet rope Premium League that contains maps and game modes available from the base game and maps from Battlefield Hardline expansion packs that are currently available.

'Battlefield Hardline: Getaway' DLC Dropping Tuesday [Photo by Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images]Initially released on March 2015 for PC and game consoles PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Battlefield Hardline players can lead their crew as “detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player campaign or as cops and criminals in rapid Battlefield multi-player,” the description on Metacritic noted.

[Photo by Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images]