Golden Globes 2016: How BFFs Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Will Steal The Spolight

Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer

There’s no doubt that all eyes will be on Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer tonight at the Golden Globes. Hollywood’s new best friends will attending this year’s award show, but they won’t be arriving on the red carpet together.

Amy Schumer’s other friends had to delay their previous plans because she will most likely be winning a Golden Globe tonight. Schumer’s best friend and fellow comedian Rachel Feinstein didn’t realize that until Sunday morning, according to a text message change exchange between Schumer and Feinstein that was shared on Instagram.

“Want to hang at the cellar later? I’ll be there at 8:15,” Feinstein texted her friend, referring to the New York City’s Comedy Cellar.

But Schumer clearly had other plans in mind. She responded: “I have plans tonight.”

Amy Schumer

She also included the hashtag in her Instagram post: #myfriendssupporme,” which clearly has a typo.

Feinstein took to Twitter claiming she’d been hacked. She placed the blame on comedian Keith Robinson for stealing her phone and sending the texts.

“I’m so sorry!I swear I remembered but @1keithrobinson took my phone! #toxicperson #Old.”

Robinson has yet to respond to Feinstein’s accusations. Schumer will be busy facing off with her new best friend Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she nominated, but she will also be presenting at the Golden Globes.

Sorry fans, but Jennifer Lawrence won’t be Amy Schumer’s date to the Globes. She already has two dates, according to People. Her other BFF and sister Kim Caramele will be her official date on the Golden Globes red carpet, but Schumer confirmed that her new boyfriend Ben Hanisch will join her at some point during the night.

Amy Schumer

According to Golden Globes producer Barry Adelman, there is no doubt that Schumer and Lawrence will steal the spotlight. He revealed that having both of the actresses present at the award show wasn’t as easy as some may think it is.

“There seems to be a theme this year, where we’re getting calls, like even right before I came to talk to you, from very famous Hollywood B.F.F.’s that want to present together. Well, I’ll tell you this. Jennifer was on Seth Meyer’s show recently and made the comment she would love to present with Amy but no one asked her too. Of course, the minute we heard that we were on the phone the next morning, and it’s taken a while and there’s been a lot of back and forth, because it’s not that easy.”

The very next morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association added Schumer to its list of presenters, which already had Lawrence listed.

Both Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are up for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. Schumer is nominated for her breakout starring role in Trainwreck, while Lawrence is nominated for Joy. According to The Daily Beast, Schumer should clearly beat out her BFF because Joy was a horrible film – and Schumer totally deserves the win.

“Out of all the nominees here I think Schumer is the most deserving for Trainwreck, and I’m hoping she’ll eke out a surprise win. She managed the dramatic moments just as well as the comedic ones, and that eulogy sequence alone is a more impressive acting feat than anything I saw in Joy despite, like you said, the magnetism of J.Law.”

It’s unclear whether or not Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer will sit together at the Golden Globes, but fans are hoping so that NBC can pan over to them and create some GIFable moments. There’s no doubt that the alcohol will be flowing, which means that drunken antics will ensue during tonight’s live broadcast.

Jennifer Lawrence

Who do you think should win for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy: J.Law or Amy Schumer? Sound off below in the comments section.

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