Donald Trump: Massachusetts Campaign Office Vandalized

Controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump is once again in the spotlight, but this time it is for what has been done to him rather than for something he said. His campaign office in Massachusetts was vandalized over the weekend.

According to The Boston Globe, vandals broke in on Friday night and covered Trump’s Littleton, Massachusetts, office with graffiti and obscenities. The graffiti was reported to have been written in red and orange paint. It covered the walls and windows of the building and included such words as “pig” and “Nazi.”

Trump’s headquarters office was opened in this particular area in December 2015 and is located inside The Conant Building, along with other small local businesses.

Police stated that this kind of activity is unusual for the area, and Police Chief Matthew King said, “These types of acts are surprising and certainly not representative of the kind of town that Littleton is and the kind of people who live in this community. People have a right to express their views and disagreements, but the line is drawn at criminal behavior and vandalism.”

Fox23 reports that the vandalism was reported on Saturday at around 9 a.m. In addition to terms stated earlier in this article, the graffiti included vulgar sexual references.

On being notified of the destruction, Trump’s campaign manager said that it was upsetting that someone would do this.

Police suspect that the perpetrator is a young person. Donald Trump for President campaign workers spent all day Saturday cleaning the office, which had only been open for one or two weeks.

Authorities will be reviewing surveillance footage of the area in an attempt to identify the suspect(s) who committed the crime.

Donald Trump is a 2016 presidential candidate who was well known for his business acumen and celebrity presence strengthened by his hit TV reality show The Apprentice long before he threw his hat into the political arena.

Wikipedia reports that he sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2015. A large majority of his political platform has been built on his anti-illegal immigration stance. Trump began his business career by working in his father’s real estate office. From there he built a financial empire that has been marked by both massive successes and failures. Forbes estimates his net worth at $4 billion dollars.

A longtime owner and investor in the beauty pageant industry, Trump invited the ire of NBC and Univision who ended their business relationships with the Miss Universe Organization, which he partially owned, after he made controversial statements in 2015 during his presidential kickoff speech. In that speech, he inferred that illegal Mexican immigrants were nothing more than rapists, drug users and dealers, and criminals.

Donald Trump has also appeared in a number of television series and movies, usually making appearances as himself, including Days of Our Lives, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and The Nanny.

Trump’s most notable television contribution is that of The Apprentice from which the famous catchphrase, “You’re fired!” evolved. In that show, contestants battled for top-level positions in one of Trump’s businesses. The show had a successful run for over 14 years, but was not renewed due to the same controversial statements about Mexican immigrants that he made that cost him the backing of NBC and Univision with the Miss Universe Organization.

According to surveys, Trump’s strongest political base is that of working class voters who hold negative opinions of immigrants and support his notorious immigration policy, which includes deporting illegal immigrants and building a wall on the Mexico-United States border. Donald Trump has also called for aggressive bombing of ISIS, and he supports government surveillance of American mosques.

[AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco]