Heartwarming Video Shows Subway Passenger Giving The Shirt Off His Back To Homeless Man [Video]

A New York subway passenger witnesses an unexpected act of kindness while riding the Brooklyn-bound train. Lazaro Nolasco says that a homeless man was on the train that was a “disaster.” He says he wasn’t wearing a shirt despite the frigid temperatures. However, the sad situation quickly turned around when another train passenger offered the man the shirt off his back and a cap to keep warm. Nolasco says he doesn’t know the other man and that the man did the deed without expecting any praise, he simply set out to help another human in need. Now, the video is going viral with nearly 230,000 shares at the time of this posting.

Lazaro Nolasco posted a heartwarming video to Facebook on Friday that quickly went viral. The video was taken while he sat on a Brooklyn-bound subway train in New York City. The man says that he was just sitting on the train when he saw an amazing deed unfold before his eyes. In speaking with the NY Daily Post, Lazaro said that he did not know either man in the video but when he saw what was happening he quickly began filming.

The video, which was uploaded to Lazaro’s Facebook page, shows a homeless man sitting shirtless on the train. Another man gets up and offers up the shirt from his back to the freezing man and follows the gesture by giving the frail man as stocking cap as well. Instead of just tossing the shirt to the homeless man, the kind stranger went even further by helping the man put on the white t-shirt. The man can be seen pulling the shirt over the homeless man’s head and then placing a black stocking hat on his head.

Lazaro says that the man did a really good deed without expecting anything in return. He notes that though the conversation between the pair is not audible in the video, the man offering his shirt offered the shirt and asked if the man would like to go to the hospital. According to Lazaro’s account, the man responded “yes.”

“The guy did a good deed, so I wanted to record it. I would tell him, ‘God bless him.’ That was thoughtful.”

However, Lazaro doesn’t know what became of the two men as he got off at the 42nd street exit as the other two men stayed behind. People commenting on Lazaro’s video note that the man is definitely a caring person who deserves all the praise he is getting. It was noted that the man did not know he was being filmed and was simply trying to do a good deed for someone who needed it that frigid day.

Lazaro notes that on the day the video was taken it was freezing outside and that the kind man gave up his t-shirt despite only having a small tank top left on his own body.

Homeless man shirt off your back
A man was videoed giving a homeless man the shirt off his back. (Image via Facebook)

“God bless you and learn. And he did it without expecting anything in return‼ We need more people like him.”

The NY Daily News reports that the video went viral and has been viewed over 5.8 million times along with being shared nearly 230,000 times since going up on Friday.

What do you think about this New York subway rider’s good deed? Do you think there are many deeds like this that take place daily that simply aren’t captured on video? Do you think we need more positive stories like this to combat the negative things in the media?

[Image via LiveLeak screenshot]