Kim Jong-Un’s Former Sushi Chef Wears Bullet-Proof Vest, Scared He Will Be Killed For Divulging Dictator’s Secrets

Kim Jong-Un’s childhood sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, says that while working under Kim Jong-Un’s father, Kim Jong-Il, he got to know the future dictator. However, he says that the weight of working for the North Korean dictator began weighing heavily upon his as he realized he could be killed at any moment for the slightest of transgressions. Therefore, one day in 2001 he left to Japan to secure sea urchin for a family meal and never returned. Now, 15 years later, Fujimoto says he is still frightened that the dictator will have him murdered so he wears a bullet-proof vest. However, the fright hasn’t stopped him from making a living off of selling Jong-Un’s “secrets” to the media.

The Daily Mail reports that Japanese sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto responded to an ad in a Japanese newspaper for a sushi chef in 1982 and quickly found himself working in the kitchen of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. Fujimoto says he worked for the North Korean First Family for 19 years until he fled the country in 2001.

Fujimoto claims that he has “insider” knowledge of now dictator Kim Jong-Un as he became a “playmate” for young Jong-Un while working for the future dictator’s father. However, in 2001, Fujimoto says he fled the country by claiming he was going to Japan to pick up some sea urchin for the family and never returned. He says that he fled the country over fears that he could be killed by the dictator, but says that once he was out of the country those fears didn’t go away.

Despite that fear, he still continues to sell stories about the North Korean dictator to media outlets. However, he says he attempts to protect himself by wearing a bullet-proof vest.

“There’s no one else in Japan. I am the only one. This is all secret and I am revealing all my secrets to the world. For that, I can be executed by firing squad anytime.”

Though he says he is fearful of Kim Jon-Un, that didn’t stop him from accepting an invitation to dine with the dictator in North Korea in 2012. Fujimoto says he was “sure he was dead” when he was followed by a North Korean man while walking in Japan. However, he says the fear went away when the man handed him an invitation to dinner. He agreed to attend the meeting and claims that Kim Jong-Un told him, “it’s okay, it’s okay” as Fujimoto cried at his table. The pair allegedly then made up for past transgressions and Fujimoto was allowed to leave once again.


Some question validity of the information provided by Fujimoto, the only known Japanese person to speak face-to-face with Jong-Un. However, many feel he is credible as he predicted Kim Jong-Un’s rise to dictator when everyone else believed his older brother would move to power. Despite the questions regarding the remembrances, it appears media outlets are willing to pay for Fujimoto’s “expertise” on the secretive dictator with fees upwards of $1,000 simply to speak to Fujimoto about Kim Jong-Un.

Fujimoto has also hinted at the fact that he also charges governments such as South Korea and the United States the same fee to answer questions regarding the dictator. However, he didn’t provide details and simply said “probably” when asked if the US was using his information.

What do you think about the sushi chef’s status as “expert” on Kim Jong-Un despite only knowing him as a child and meeting him once in 2012?

[Image viaI AP Photo/Wong Maye-E]