Pheromones To Be ‘Used Like An Alluring Perfume’ By The EPA — Get 125,000 Google Searches


Pheromones continue to be a popular search term. According to Google’s Keyword Tool, the word “pheromones” by itself gets nearly 50,000 searches per month. Other pheromone-related terms, like “pheromone perfume” and “pheromones for men” and “pheromones for women” get thousands of additional views. In total, searches for pheromone terms reached nearly 125,000 searches in December, 2015. And now there’s one more reason for pheromones to hit the news, with M Live reporting that the EPA will use the sex hormone as a way to kill eel-like fish. But those uses of pheromones usually aren’t the ones that folks are likely turning to Google to learn about.

pheromones searches
Some ask Google, “What are pheromones?” To that end, pheromones are without an odor, which get emitted from fertile people and sends a signal to the opposite sex that perhaps it is mating time. Pheromones are so popular that there have even been pheromone parties, as displayed in the above photo, held in Los Angeles. The pheromone parties have also been held in New York, and they feature partygoers sniffing away at shirts that have been slept in so that others can pick their would-be partners by their pheromone scent, not by some fancy perfume covering up their natural smells.

Beyond attracting the opposite sex, the pheromones in male sweat have been discovered to reduce tension in females, and affect menstrual cycles, as reported by the University of Pennsylvania. Scientists located at Philadelphia’s Monell Chemical Senses Center discovered that male pheromones could make women have better moods and more relaxed.

Pheromones are so interesting that Prince created a song named “Pheromone” as the third track on his album Come, the 15th album for the Purple One. The NSFW “Pheromone” lyrics described a voyeuristic scene whereby the musical artist is torn by his feelings.

But pheromones aren’t just the stuff of songs and EPA-dumping schemes. People are buying pheromones online, too.

On Amazon, shoppers searching for pheromones have plenty of choices in pheromone perfumes and the like that claim to attract men or women. The customer reviews of such pheromone scents vary, with varying results. Some claim that the pheromone perfumes don’t smell good, while others say the pheromone perfumes smell fine — and work too well, in certain instances. One Amazon customer with a “verified purchase” seal on Amazon described her experience with wearing a pheromone perfume that purported to attract men.

“Incident #1 A co-worker who has always been nothing but professional was standing and talking to me. I noticed that he seemed jittery, but I didn’t say anything. I just kept taking. He suddenly said, I’m sorry I have to walk away from you right now. Later that day, he apologized and said he didn’t know what happened, but he didn’t want to get slapped with a sexual harassment case, but that’s why he walked away.

“Incident #2: This gentleman also during the course of a brief encounter, said to me, “I have to excuse myself from you.” When I asked why, he simply stated, you’re so beautiful, life is not fair.

“Incident #3: One of the other managers at my job came over to me to discuss something. As he started talking, this normally cool, together guy couldn’t make sense of what he came to say. He looked at me and said, ‘why do I feel nervous talking to you? I’m a grown man.’ LOL. After this one, I realized it was the perfume. I’m a nice looking woman, and I already get attention. However, there was a noticeable difference in the type of attention.”

Oddly enough, other pheromone users say that wearing pheromone oils make them more attractive to others because they in turn become more chatty and outgoing and confident.

[AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill]