Madonna Lashes Out Amid Custody Battle, Claims Society Doesn’t Encourage Single Moms

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In the middle of a brutal custody battle over her son, Madonna took to social media this weekend to praise single mothers, while blasting society for not appreciating that both entertainers and single mothers can do a great job with parenting.

USA Today reports that Madonna, 57, used her Instagram account to post a photo of herself and her four children this weekend. The pop singer wrote a caption under the picture, indicating that society isn’t interested in promoting single motherhood.

“Its possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!!! Too bad we don’t live in a society where many encourage strong independent single working moms! The next great Frontier!”


Since late last year, the Material Girl has been fighting to have her son Rocco, 15, returned to New York, where he was supposed to start back to school on January 5. Yet, despite a judge ordering him back, the teen remains in England with his father, movie director and producer Guy Ritchie. US Weekly reports that an undisclosed insider said that Madonna, who lost her own mother at a young age, is willing to do anything she legally can to have her son back in school in New York.

“Madonna has been actively doing all she can to get her son Rocco Ritchie home and back to school in New York. Rocco, along with Madonna’s other three children, have never been away from her for any extended period of time until daughter Lourdes went away to college last year. Madonna, who lost her own mother at a very young age, has always made her children’s education a priority along with their well-being.”

In December, Rocco, who once worked as a backup dancer with his mother, walked out on her most recent tour, Rebel Heart, and flew back to England to be with his dad. Rocco allegedly said that Madonna is too demanding and tries to “micromanage” his life, and that’s only when he actually saw her. Reportedly, Madonna rarely spent time with her son during the tour, and when she did, there was always a screaming and fighting match.

Ritchie, 47, hired his own team of lawyers. The concerned father believes that his son should be able to choose which parent he wants to live with, especially given his age. Another insider, however, revealed that the entire battle has turned into a power struggle between the teen’s parents, and that there is more to the situation besides Rocco.

“This is far beyond a situation about Rocco – it’s about a situation between Madonna and Guy. They don’t have a good relationship; it’s more of a power fight between them and if he can one-up her. This is the best way he can do it.”

Madonna has four children, two of which were adopted.

Madonna and Ritchie divorced in 2008, but prior to the split, the couple allegedly had numerous disagreements on how to raise their children, including Rocco and their three other kids, Lourdes, 19, David, 10, and Mercy, 9. While Ritchie is said to encompass a more laid-back parenting style, Madonna is a strict disciplinarian who will not allow her children to become spoiled.

Madonna and her former husband Guy Ritchie divorced in 2008. (AP Photo/Sang Tan, file)

A final straw, according to the insider, happened when Madonna took Rocco’s cellphone away from him after it allegedly interfered with his school work. The teen, infuriated, went back to England shortly after.

“She is stricter than Guy and Rocco doesn’t like it. When she took the phone away, it pushed him over the edge.”

Madonna is currently on her Rebel Heart. She’s currently in Texas, and will perform at Houston’s Toyota Center on January 12.

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