Former Hooters Girl And Twin Peaks Employee Arrested After Brazen Diamond Heists Of $4 Million

A former Hooters Girl and Twin Peaks employee, Abigail Lee Kemp, was arrested in connection with a series of jewelry store robberies. The woman was accused of robbing six jewelry stores in five different states in a matter of months. Kemp did not wear a mask in any of the robberies and may have been part of a larger jewelry theft ring.

The Daily Mail reports that 24-year-old Abigail Kemp was a charismatic young woman who had recently worked as a Hooters girl and Twin Peaks waitress. She also had spent time running as quarterback for a lingerie football league. However, Kemp apparently led a double life as she was identified in security footage holding up six jewelry stores at gunpoint. The brazen diamond thief would enter the store, show the employees her weapon and lock them in a back room with their hands tied. She would then casually return to lock the door to the store and load up her bags with jewels from behind the counter. These robberies were captured on tape in which the woman, who isn’t wearing a mask, can be seen clearly.

According to Heavy, when photos of the jewel thief were made public by the police along with heist videos, many people came forward to identify Kemp as the woman in the video. Friends of Kemp noted their shock at finding out their friend was a notorious diamond thief. Her friends say that she was really laid back and easy-going and was seen wearing expensive jewelry on multiple occasions. However, they say they never would have expected she was part of a jewelry store robbery scheme.

“She’s real chill. She’s hilarious. She’s the life of the party. I’m not saying she’s a party girl, but she’s always cracking jokes. She’s very fun, very social. She’s one of the homies.”

The police note that Abigail was arrested in Smyrna, Georgia, on Friday without incident for her alleged involvement in the six jewelry store heists. However, police say that another man seen in video with Kemp was also taken into custody and questioned. However, the FBI declined to provide the name of the second suspect or details on whether he would face charges in the case or not.

“Due to ongoing investigative efforts, the identity of the second person, and the details surrounding both arrests, are not being released at this time.”

The FBI confirmed to the Associated Press via email that Kemp was arrested in connection with jewelry thefts all across the Southeast.

“The woman’s arrest comes amid an investigation of jewelry store robberies last year in Sevierville, Tennessee; Bluffton, South Carolina; Panama City Beach, Florida; and Dawsonville and Woodstock in Georgia. She said the latest robbery occurred recently in Mebane, North Carolina.”

This is not the first run in with the law that Kemp has had despite being only 24-years-old. It was reported that the woman was arrested in 2011 on battery charges and was arrested on at least three other occasions. Prior to her arrests for the jewelry store robberies, Kemp was listed by the Jeweler Security Alliance as “public enemy #1.” The organization noted that she was very bold for not wearing a mask and completely unpredictable. Therefore, they felt she was the biggest threat to jewelry stores and their employees.


“Usually you have a gang of males will go in — occasionally they’ll be accompanied by a female — but to have a lone female go in is extraordinarily rare.”

The police noted that due to the brazen nature of the crimes, within hours of issuing the press releases with surveillance footage, people were coming forward to identify Kemp as the possible suspect with many noting she had a lot of expensive jewelry.

“We also thank the many callers who provided us with information to assist in the investigation. You are one of the most valuable resources law enforcement has in fighting crime and we appreciate your efforts.”

[Image via Youtube/FBI]