Farrah Abraham Gets Called Out By Nicki Minaj For ‘Teen Mom OG’ Behavior On Twitter

Farrah Abraham in 2015

Farrah Abraham is making headlines once again for the way she treats her mother Debra. It is no secret that the mother and daughter do not get along well, but their relationship is emotionally unhealthy and borderline abusive. The season premiere of Teen Mom OG shows Abraham talking down to her mother and basically insinuating she was nothing more than the nanny. After having a blow up, Abraham then asks her daughter Sophia if she would rather stay with Debra or go with Michael. After a snide comment about Debra being annoying from Sophia, it was decided that Abraham’s mom would look after Sophia while she was overseas.

Apparently Nicki Minaj had been watching the season premiere of Teen Mom OG because she took to Twitter to bash Farrah Abraham. According to Hollywood Life, the tweets were incredibly vulgar, including one where Minaj called Abraham a “c**t” among other things. Of course, Abraham didn’t hold back and responded back to Minaj, though it was a much more reserved response. The conversation went back and forth, mostly with Minaj insulting Abraham at every turn. Fans have been jumping in and siding with the women, and the entire thing is now being called a “celebrity Twitter war.”

Normally, Farrah Abraham is more abrasive when it comes to attacks. She is handling the comments from Nicki Minaj rather well, but she is used to Teen Mom fans calling her out. Because of the celebrity status that Minaj has, this could be difficult for Abraham to dodge. Right now only the season premiere of Teen Mom OG has aired, and there is plenty more drama to come. Abraham has pushed a producer on film, and her mouth with her mother is not getting any better. Minaj called her out for her treatment of Debra, but will she also call her out for her violent tendencies?

There have been headlines about Farrah Abraham and the way she behaves for several years now. When she began 16 & Pregnant, her attitude was there, but not as bad as it is nearly seven years later. Her most recent antics have shocked fans who have been watching since the beginning. It was said that Abraham will not let any of the filming crew use her bathrooms. MTV actually has to have a portable bathroom brought in and set outside of Abraham’s home for the crew to use. Bizarre is one word used to describe Abraham, and probably one of the nice ones.

As Farrah Abraham continued to fire back at Nicki Minaj on Twitter, she tweeted that she loves her mom. She also went one step further saying that Debra doesn’t help her, she helps Debra. It was an interesting exchange of words between the rapper and reality star. Minaj didn’t say anything many weren’t thinking and according to Us Weekly, Abraham fired back with typical insults like asking if Minaj was a mother and telling her to go to church. In fact, Abraham took screenshots of the tweets and then posted on Instagram with her response.

With Farrah Abraham getting all of this negative press, she isn’t even attempting to change the way she handles situations. While it was apparent that Abraham and Debra have deep-rooted issues, the level of disrespect is astounding. Abraham also allows her young daughter to talk to Debra and Michael like she does. Many fans have been talking about the way Sophia acts, and it hasn’t been well received. Abraham is incredibly protective of her daughter and when someone criticizes Sophia, she goes off on whoever is mentioning it. The season has just begun and already Teen Mom OG is making Farrah Abraham look worse than ever before, and it wasn’t an easy task.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV]