Weather Channel Updates: El Niño Brings Relief to California As East Coast Prepares For High Winds

The Weather Channel has seen increased viewership in recent weeks due to an influx in extreme weather throughout the United States. With El Niño bringing a bit of relief to the California drought situation, blizzards in Texas, and high winds on the east coast, this winter has been anything but ordinary.

According to NBC San Diego, Californians welcomed the rainy weather as it brought a bit of relief to the ongoing drought in the region.

“A parade of strong Pacific storms characteristic of a strong El Niño event will batter the state this week and will likely bring damaging flooding by the time the second storm in the series rolls through on Wednesday,” said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of Weather Underground.

Current weather predictions indicate that California could be the target of a bombardment of rainy weather over the next two weeks; the rains are desperately needed.

A water filtration and conservation expert from Filtra Systems warned Californians to still be conservative when it comes to water usage.

“Regardless of weather predictions surrounding El Nino, it’s wise to still be conservative and mindful of water usage.”

Research meteorologist Matt Hoerling talked about the California weather and drought situation by saying, “With the drought, the ground situation is going to be not very conducive for infiltration. It’s simplistic to talk about drought-busters as being just about rain. There’s a water-resource challenge in the state that goes beyond just having a very wet, dousing rain this year.”

With the west coast getting hammered with rain, people on the east coast are preparing for strong winds. The Weather Channel reported that locally damaging winds were possible for areas of the east coast on Sunday. This comes along with severe thunderstorm warnings for New York and Pennsylvania, as well as heavy rain over a broad area of the Northeast. Advisories have been posted on The Weather Channel website.

“…High wind warnings and wind advisories have been posted by the National Weather Service from Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts to Downeast Maine, including the city of Boston. In addition to stronger sustained winds, a few low-topped thunderstorms may also cause spotty damaging winds elsewhere from New England to New Jersey. Gusty winds are also expected across interior parts of the Northeast, including western New York and western Pennsylvania, where wind advisories are in effect.”

During Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings versus Seattle Seahawks NFL football game, temperatures got as low as a bitter 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

These weather updates come after news of a probable tornado in Cape Coral, Florida on Saturday. Three injuries were reported following the tornado, but there were no fatalities.

Weather Channel updates moving into next week indicate that Winter Storm Hera will spread snow across the Great Lake region, as the rest of the east coast continues to deal with rain and wind. The rain is anticipated to eventually and gradually turn into snow with relatively light accumulations for this time of year.

Weather channel update: Rain and wind on the east coast

Some states in the southern part of the United States, such as Tennessee and Kentucky, may see light snow or flurries, something which is unusual for those regions.

Regardless of where you live, stay safe as you navigate the unpredictable weather this season. If you live in an area that’s experiencing high-speed winds, heavy snow or rain, take extra care when driving.

Winter storm Hera

[Photo credits: Getty Images/Portland Herald]