Phaedra Parks' Kids Cope With Apollo Nida's Prison Sentence -- Will His Sons Ever Visit Him In Prison?

Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV star, Phaedra Parks, landed in hot water after she refused to take her sons to see their father, Apollo Nida, in prison, according to Radar Online on Sunday. The report claims that Parks promised to take Dylan, 5, and Ayden, 2 to see Apollo, but has yet to make the trip to the New Jersey correctional facility. RHOA fans wonder if Phaedra allows her sons to speak to their dad, considering that she has yet to pop into the prison for a visit.

Phaedra has stated multiple times that she wants the boys to have a good relationship with their father. Parks claims several times a week that the boys talk to him via video chat, and she is doing the best she can to co-parent with Apollo. In fact, a source close to Phaedra stated they are all doing the best they can, despite the terrible circumstances the family has endured with his trial and conviction -- and now his long prison sentence.


Apollo wants to see his son more than anything; however, to find out if it was in Dylan and Ayden's best interest, Apollo and Phaedra consulted a mental health professional to get their opinion on the sensitive matter, according to Page Six.

To Phaedra and Apollo's surprise, the expert agreed with her original decision. The expert stated it was not in the boys' best interest to see their father in prison considering their age and not fully understanding the circumstances surrounding his sentence.

"Apollo continues to video chat with his sons a few times a week, and speaks with Phaedra on the fundamental decisions concerning the boys. They are doing the best they can to co-parent," the expert revealed.


The expert felt that the kids were too young to understand their father could not come home with them, and felt the visit would confuse them. It is better for their emotional stability if Apollo continues to talk to them over video chats than to see him in person, and not be able to resume a normal life with them.

Phaedra noted she does not intend to keep the boys from Apollo for eight years, and eventually, they will visit their father in prison. Phaedra has been open since his arrival in jail and has stated multiple times that the role of a father is vital, and she doesn't want to interfere. Phaedra wants Apollo in their lives; after all, he is their father -- and they need his presence in their lives.

When the situation is right, Phaedra fully intends on taking the boys to see their dad. It is crucial to her that the boys have a close relationship with their father, and have his guidance to mold them into productive members of society. As for Apollo and Phaedra's relationship, she claims their marriage is over.

In December of 2014, Phaedra told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live she plans to file for divorce. When Andy pressed to find out if she filed for divorce yet, she revealed that "it was in the works." RHOA fans took that to mean that Nida and Parks had agreed to divorce, but no legal documents were drafted, yet.

Even though the reality TV star is not legally divorced, don't look for her to hit the dating scene anytime soon. The RHOA star stated she will not entertain the thought of dating until the ink dries on her divorce, and to date, she hasn't even filed for divorce against Apollo Nida. For now, Phaedra Parks says she is happy and content in life with her sons and her fulfilling job.

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