'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Nicole Pulls Strings, Liam Makes Decisions, And Wyatt Pushes Steffy

What can viewers expect this week on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that Liam is working through what he wants regarding his relationship with Steffy, and there is more regarding Zende, Nicole, and Sasha, as well. What's slated to go down during the week of January 11?

Viewers met Howard, the passenger next to Liam on his return flight to Los Angeles, on Friday's show, and there is more of Howard coming during Monday's episode as well. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows Soaps share that as the two men talk further, Liam will be solid on his plan to marry Steffy sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, Steffy hung up on Liam as soon as she heard he was heading to Australia with Ivy, and she did not give him a chance to explain. The last that viewers saw, Steffy was in bed feeling heartbroken over all that had happened while Wyatt was making a move on her. Will she be tempted by this opportunity?

From the looks of things, Steffy will resist Wyatt's advances, but he will not give up easily. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that he will be angling to convince her that Liam will never settle into a life with her, as he will always be chasing something else. Steffy is definitely in a vulnerable place right now, but will she hold back and wait to work things out with Liam?

Liam does make it back to Los Angeles soon, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he makes a decision about his future with Steffy on Tuesday's episode. The buzz has been that these two will be splitting long before they walk down the aisle, but viewers will have to tune and see if it happens now or later.

Also ahead this week, Brooke begins her new gig at Spencer Publications. She will be trying to stay focused on work, not on her feelings for Bill, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that this may not work very well for her.

Previews have teased another steamy moment between these two, but will this be a real interaction or perhaps a dream on Brooke's part? Could Bill really be lured away from Katie by Brooke as she starts this new job?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Sasha will continue on her plan to create the life she thinks she deserves in Los Angeles. Rick will be hiring Zende as a photographer, but it seems he also hires Sasha as a model.

Teasers indicate that Nicole will be confronting Rick over his decision to hire Sasha. According to Soap Central, Nicole does start to pick up on Sasha's interest in Zende, and she may push Rick to change course on having Sasha with FC as a model. Will Nicole's surrogacy for Rick and Maya give her the leverage she needs to get her way on this front?

Viewers will be quite curious to see just what happens in this coming week between Brooke and Bill. While Katie has been voicing her desires to rebuild her relationship with her sister, Brooke just can't seem to let go of her ex.

Everybody is also anxious to see where the relationships stand between Steffy, Liam, Wyatt, and Ivy once the dust settles after this latest incident. Stay tuned for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers as the new week of episodes begins.

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