Young Thug Going Too Far With Fans?

Young Thug and his girlfriend in a Twitter post captioned "She's still sexy!!" [Image via Twitter]
Young Thug’s primary goal in life is to exude uniqueness in the rap game and promote drama, lots and lots of drama, because that’s where his steady following and cash flow comes from. And as he has said before that money his ultimate motivator, more than any other singular thing. He has been known to take the outer limits of acceptability in gangsta rap and completely trash them — appearing in skinny jeans, tutus and “90% womens’ clothing” — because he says it is sexier.

He’s not afraid to associate himself with notoriously dangerous gangs — implicated at different times with the Bloods and the Crips, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. In fact, a heavy rap sheet of crime has not even stopped his antics — an assault charge in an Atlanta mall, five felonies pending for drugs and drug paraphernalia, and the fact that he was implicated in the indictment of the bus shooting of Lil Wayne, who he seems to have a love-hate relationship with, did nothing but seemingly soar his popularity, particularly on his European tour, where he has been much more open with French reporters than typically is with American ones — perhaps to appeal to his mystique.

He’s quite open about his marijuana use and a frequent user of social media, using instagram as his primary method of communicating with others. Sometimes he will post a normal picture with a rather outrageous commentary, which is promptly shared and liked thousands of times.

While he is self-proclaimed to be gender-neutral, and frequently calls men sexy, his shout out to a fellow male rapper describing him as “sexy” left some fans less than impressed, according to allhiphop.

In fact, the comments section was filled with comments from fans that lamented that gangsta rap and hip-hop are not what they used to be, a fact that some struggle with in light of Young Thug’s tremendous popularity.

“Both of them little n****s look gay as f**k to me!

“If the young people love rap and hip hop they got to get rid of clowns like this!”

Instead, however, sales and population are soaring — generation Y seems to love his bisexual tendencies and often commends him on “being himself.” Regardless, he is not bound to change his methods any time soon, as the controversy surrounding him seems to bring in more of what he loves — attention, limelight, and money.

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Not long ago, he had an ice cream cone tattooed on his cheek in honor of his idol, Gucci Mane, who was in prison serving time on assault charges. He captioned the photo of himself sporting the tattoo, which is similar to Gucci’s, “I love and miss u man.”

Although he is engaged to a female, and they seem quite happy together, he continues to make sexual innuendos and passes at both males and females, be they celebrities or fans. Recently, he direct messaged a fan over instagram, saying “Your son is sexy and so is you.” The comment was not well received by the fan, who promptly replied her displeasure.

So who is the young male rapper that Young Thug finds sexually enticing these days? A rapper named Lil Uzi Vert, whom he left a comment under his picture that proclaimed him “sexy!”

To further confuse the matter, he insists he is not gay, but has supposedly admitted before that he is bisexual, which is a different thing than being gay, but it still does not set well with many hard-core fans. Are they homophobic, or do they simply resent that he seems to say things in order to gain attention and popularity? One can’t be sure, but it’s definitely the case that his antics seem to be working for him. After all, negative attention is better than none at all — and Young Thug seems to have 100 percent honed in on this advantage and philosophy.

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