'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope Scrambles After Stefano Incident, Chad Ask Abby A Big Question, And Ava Shocks Steve

Things have been wild lately in Salem, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that the week ahead will be crazy,as well. Hope shot Stefano after an epic confrontation and everybody is working on picking up the pieces after the accident involving Daniel, Eric, Brady and Jennifer. What is coming up during the week of January 11?

As Soap Central details, everybody will be gathering this week to prepare to say goodbye to Daniel. Chloe has returned with Parker, though a more permanent return is coming later this winter. Melanie heads home, as well. Maggie has been absolutely devastated about Daniel's death, although Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Melanie's return helps a bit.

Nicole will be tearing into Eric for the accident. Viewers will see Brady confront Eric, as well. Eric's blood alcohol content was well over the legal limit, and while he is making progress in recovering, he has a lot to face in the aftermath of this heartbreaking accident.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Eric will be tormented by knowing how he caused Daniel's death and he will spiral down even further. Greg Vaughan, who plays Eric, has teased that there are some truly heartbreaking scenes in the months ahead as Eric grapples with all that happened. Vaughan is leaving the role sometime this spring, but it seems that the door will be left open for a later return.

Daniel's funeral is put together and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Jennifer will be struggling with some of her injuries. While she was the least injured in the multi-car wreck, the buzz has been that she will be left with some problematic back or neck injuries that could cause some serious issues in the weeks ahead.

This week also brings more with Steve and Ava, as she set him up to find the baby pictures she had. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Steve will be rattled by this and he will be anxious to find out more information.

Ava tells Steve that the baby is his son, but will he buy this? In addition, Kayla will be confronting Ava in this coming week. Ava may be dropping bombshells on Kayla and Steve, but Kayla isn't going to be scared off easily.

As for Hope, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she will be facing Andre's wrath after what she did to Stefano. He will be looking for revenge against her and Hope seemingly will be leaning on Rafe as she grapples with the severity of the moves she's made of late.

Rafe is said to take a big risk in the coming week, and previews seemingly indicate it is related to his willingness to cover up what happened to Stefano in order to protect Hope. While these two may scramble to cover up what happened, that doesn't mean they won't be facing some challenging moments over it all.

Chad has broken through the brainwashing that Andre put him through. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps share that he will be proposing to Abigail on Monday's show.

Unfortunately, though, it is not all love and happiness for these two from here on out. Chad faces some difficult moments with Andre later in the week, and it is known that big changes are ahead for Abby.

Viewers will also see Brady dreaming of Nicole. Victor will be acting strangely after Caroline has another vision about him. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Eduardo will be sharing some interesting information with John that could give him even more insight into his past.

Some are complaining that Stefano DiMera's seemingly big and permanent farewell from DOOL is one that is a bit of a whimper and not in line with how strong this character has been over the years. However, it does look like there will be some enticing twists and turns ahead as Stefano's departure shakes up Salem.

Where does Eric head now after the tragic car accident he caused? What will Andre's theories be about all that is happening and what will he do about it all? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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