'The Walking Dead' Valentine's Day Spoilers: How Much Do You Want To Know?

The Walking Dead is set to return on Valentine's Day.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Vanity Fair reports that creator Robert Kirkman has said "so many people die," which is why it is being called the Valentine's Day Massacre. Since the majority of the people who were part of Alexandria before Rick's groups showed up are still unknown to the audience, losing them won't be a big deal, but there are bound to be some fans know who will die.

Consider Jessie's son, Sam. If it goes like it does in the comic books, then he is toast, as is Jessie. In the comics, Ron is Jessie's son, and he does what fans see Sam doing at the end of the mid-season finale, trying to get his mother's attention and talking loud enough to get the attention of the walkers surrounding them. In the comic books, Ron is swarmed by walkers and Jessie goes back to help him, still holding onto Carl's hand. Rick slices off Jessie's hand to save his son.

In the comics, Carl also gets shot in the eye by someone. It is predicted that in the show it will be Ron who does this. It's hard to say who else will be lost in the mid-season premiere, but room needs to be made, because there will be a lot of new people introduced, including Negan and people from his group, the Saviors, as well as people from a new community called the Hilltop Colony.The arrival of Negan has been long-awaited by fans, and he is represented as the most violent person they have come up against in the entire comic book series, but Cinema Blend reports that Negan might not actually be the biggest threat in the second half of the season. Scott Gimple had something to say on the greatest threat, and it isn't something fans would necessarily think of.
"Some of the scariest people in the back half of the season are our people. These characters are at their strongest right now, but the problem is, the threats of the world are also at their strongest. We'll see these immovable objects meet."
How bad will things get in the second half of the season? In November, MTV spoke with producer Greg Nicotero and he says things will get bad very quickly in the second half of the season, particularly for Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham.
"I think it's going to get bad pretty quickly [laughs]. Whereas the first half of the season, we played with time shifting a lot. We had black and white sequences in the premiere, and we were sort of playing with our timeline a little bit. The second half of the season, now that we've introduced this new group of people who are clearly ruthless, the timeline is going to be much more linear in terms of propelling us forward at an accelerated rate, as each episode continues."
There is no doubt that the mid-season premiere would make quite the Valentine's Day date night. Fansided reports the show already gives nightmares to David Koechner, from Anchorman and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.
"It's hard for me to watch them. They scare me – they really do. I get nightmares. If I watch The Walking Dead, it will invade my dreams, but, ironically, I can perform in [a] zombie movie."
Fans are waiting in great anticipation, and February 14 cannot arrive soon enough. Until then, fans can enjoy reruns and perhaps dive into the comic books to keep themselves occupied.

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