Donald Trump On Kim Jong Un: ‘He Goes In, He Takes Over, He’s The Boss, It’s incredible’

Kim Jong Un has given his endorsement of Republican presidential nomination poll-leader Donald Trump.

A new ally appears to have been gained by Republican poll-leader Donald Trump: Kim Jong Un. According to the Toronto Star, Trump was reported to have praised the North Korean dictator at a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday.

“If you look at North Korea, this guy, he’s like a maniac,” Trump’s assessment of Kim Jong Un began.

Trump stated that he felt that Kim deserved “credit” with his ability to consolidate his power so quickly upon ascending to North Korean Supreme Leader.

“It’s incredible,” Trump stated, noting that Kim “wiped out” his uncle and that he does not engage in “games.” Trump stated a belief that America needs to take Kim Jong Un seriously because he has “missiles” and “nukes.”

The uncle of Kim Jong Un that Donald Trump referred to is Jang Song Thaek, according to the Daily News. After Kim Jong Un executed his uncle in December 2013, plans were announced to execute 200 of Jang Song Thaek’s supporters and imprison another 1,000 in concentration camps in April 2014.

Russian President Vladimir Putin — who, while perhaps not being quite as reviled as Kim Jong Un, has been accused of, among other seemingly criminal acts, ordering the execution of journalists — has described Donald Trump as “bright and talented,” as reported by the Inquisitr.

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Valdimir Putin have each trade flattering remarks about each other.
Kim Jong Un was reported to have been watching the first GOP presidential nomination debate, held in early October in Las Vegas, as reported by the National Report.

“The Supreme Leader closely weighed and measured the talents all of the U.S. candidates,” a statement purported to have been issued by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was quoted. “Supreme Leader has considered all of the choices and has named Donald Trump the official candidate of the DPRK.”

Kim Jong Un has given both his and the North Korean government's endorsement to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential nomination.
Donald Trump has received the official endorsement, not only of Kim Jong Un, but of the North Korean government. The North Korean dictator was reported to be thoroughly impressed with Trump’s plans to build a wall along the Mexican border, and offered the assistance of the North Korean people with its design and construction.

Despite his praise for Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un made it clear who he believes is truly best at protecting his people, stating that he is able to keep North Koreans safe “from Imperialist invaders without a border wall.”

“How many young guys… take over these tough generals… it’s pretty amazing when you think of it,” Trump stated to the those gathered in Iowa, heaping praise on the North Korean dictator, who has been described as a repressive megalomaniac by the Express.

Stanley Payne, a U.S. historian, explained what he sees as a key difference between Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Adolf Hitler, to whom the billionaire has also been compared, as reported by the Daily News. Payne states that Trump is a populist; he is seemingly willing to say whatever he thinks people want to hear in order to win. According to polls, Trump commands 34 percent of Republican voter support, Ted Cruz trails Trump in second place with 20.7 percent of voter favor, as reported by Real Clear Politics. he appears to be successful at it.

Kim Jong Un and Hitler, in contrast to Trump, had well-thought out programs of oppression in place when they ascended to power, Payne states.

“Trump has no program that does that. He likes to wrap himself in the American flag. Well, this is not an authoritarian or a fascist flag. What would he really do? Lord knows. He has no track record.”

While some have suggested that Trump’s bromance with Putin and Kim may reveal underlying fascist tendencies, others believe that Trump is merely willing to say anything and make up opinions that he does not truly hold “on the fly” to garner attention and favor.

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