One-Pot Pasta Dishes For Your Busy Life

Samantha Kilgore

Most nights, it can be tough for many people to get a filling, tasty, homemade dinner on the table -- and when a delicious dinner does make it to the table, there is often a huge kitchen mess to deal with afterwards. But instead of slaving over a hot stove after a long day at work, and then dealing with dishes after -- or guiltily resorting to take-out -- try these one-pot pasta dishes that will fill up your family and keep your evenings hassle-free.

One-Pot Farmer's Market Pasta (from The View From Great Island)

What you will need:

One-Pot Pizza Pasta Bake (from D**n Delicious)

What you will need:

What you need:

[Image via The View From Great Island/One-Pot Farmer's Market Pasta, uncooked]