Channing Tatum Dressed In Drag, Singing ‘Let It Go’? [Video]

Channing Tatum has been busy dancing like the fairytale princess Elsa from Frozen. He didn’t just dance like her; he actually dressed up as Elsa for his performance on Lip Sync Battle. Time reports that there has been a new, longer trailer video for Lip Sync Battle that gives fans a longer glimpse of Channing Tatum in drag, lip syncing along with Elsa.

Tatum is seen dressed in a lovely blue dress, lip syncing “Let It Go” and dancing in grand style while snow swirls around him. It’s fairly impressive.

Also impressive is the fact that Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are rumored to be expecting their second child. Bustle reports that rumors are starting to fly, previously reported by In Touch Magazine, that the couple are expecting their second child. A source said that the two are “already in total baby bliss.”

It is documented that the couple wants to expand their family. In August 2015, E! News reported that Channing Tatum’s wife said they were definitely thinking about giving their daughter, Everly, a younger sibling.

“Yeah, yeah! I don’t know when, but we definitely want to.”

Regarding how it felt when Channing Tatum called Dewan-Tatum a “super mom,” she said it made her feel good.

“It made me feel really, really good. I love our daughter so much, she is literally the light of my life. I am with her all the time. It is the source in everything that life is about to me, so to have him say that is really sweet!”

Regardless of whether or not there is a new baby Tatum on the way, Channing Tatum and his wife are obviously very much in love. People reports they were seen out on Christmas Eve at a Los Angeles Lakers game and they were very affectionate. Dewan-Tatum posted a selfie of the happy couple on Instagram.

Besides dressing up as Elsa, and possibly being excited about a second baby on the way, Channing Tatum has been busy in the world of film. The New York Times reports that the premiere of The Hateful Eight was screened on Monday, December 7 to much fanfare. Channing Tatum attended, as did other cast members, such as Jennifer Jason Leigh and Samuel L. Jackson.

Apparently, Channing Tatum has been missing from the promotional material for the movie and for good reason. Showbiz Junkies reports that it is best to not know how Tatum’s character relates to the other characters in the movie prior to seeing it, but that the Weinstein Company has now released an official promotional photo of Channing Tatum’s character.

The Hateful Eight opened in theaters across North America on December 30, 2015. However, the movie was leaked by pirates prior to the release of the movie. The Telegraph reports that those responsible for the leak are sorry – sort of. Apparently, they had a noble reason.

“We wanted to share this movies [sic] with the people who are not rich enough or not able to watch all nominated movies in the cinema. Of course this files [sic] are not representing how they can be enjoyed in the cinema.”

Channing Tatum and the rest of The Hateful Eight cast won’t be seen on the big screen in the UK. According to The Guardian, Picturehouse, Cineworld, and Curzon cinemas won’t be showing the movie because they could not settle on an agreement with the distributor of the movie. Unfortunately, this means many Brits will miss out on the opportunity to see the movie in the theater.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]