Russian Doctor Kills Patient With One Punch, Asks Man ‘Why Did You Touch The Nurse?’ [Video]

Russian doctor, Ilya Zelendinov, killed a patient with one punch. Zelendinov has now been fired from State Hospital No. 2 in Belgorod, Russia, but to date, has not been arrested. The patient has been identified by Russian media as 56-year-old Yevgeny Bakhtin.

Investigators stated the tragic incident is a case of “involuntary manslaughter,” and the doctor, if convicted, will serve up to two years in prison.

From the series of occurrences prior to the doctor punching the patient, it doesn’t appear that the punch was a case of self defense.

The assault occurred on December 29, but an investigation was not initiated until January 9.

Belgorod investigators have not explained the delay in investigating the crime. Larger questions have been raised about a cover up, because investigations were opened after Russian state television aired the video, along with it going viral on social media.

The investigative committee said Zelendinov was suspected of causing the patient’s death through negligence.

The tragedy is that a doctor who is vested with saving lives kills a patient. At the beginning of the video, the doctor comes to the door of the examining roof with a nurse. She speaks to the doctor (in Russian) and points to the male patient, who is sitting, bare chested, on the exam table.

From the video, it cannot be determined what happened prior to a nurse pointing Bakhtin out to the doctor. But when the Zelendinov enters the room, he almost immediately drags Bakhtin from the table, asking him, “Why did you touch the nurse?,” noted UA Today. Zelendinov pushed Bakhtin out the door, but he reenters, and the doctor punches the patient in the face, and he hits the floor.

Not only did Zelendinov assault the patient, he also repeatedly struck another man who accompanied Bakhtin. When medics arrived on the scene, they tried to revive Bakhtin, but it didn’t work. Eventually, the doctor who killed the patient performed chest compressions on him, and other hospital personnel did the same, to no avail.

Bakhtin is then carried to another room. At the end of the video, he is wheeled out of the admissions room with a sheet wrapped around him, but the sheet isn’t covering his face.

Investigators stated that Zelendinov hit Batkhin after he “kicked a nurse during a procedure.”

Twitter comments range from “shocking” to calling the doctor a “killer.”


Russian Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, ordered the state committee to investigate the incident, per the Daily Mail. Officials denied that there was a delay, and claimed that they began a probe the day after the assault.

Although Zelendinov was fired from his job, he remains free after signing a declaration that he won’t travel while the investigation is in process. This is not the first time this doctor has used physical force against a patient, added UA Today.

When a doctor kills a patient, seemingly, an arrest would be made, but Russian state health official Oleg Kulikov commented on the tragedy, stating doctors are “distressed because of cuts in salary and no medicine to treat patients.” Kulikov also added that these “incidents occur more often than the media shows us.”

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]