‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Premieres In April With More Episodes, Cast And Creators Share Views [Video]

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 is set to premiere on April 10, and will air 15 episodes, according to Mashable. The first seven episodes will air in April and May, followed by a summer break. The remaining eight episodes will air later in 2016, and will likely lead into the season premiere of the Walking Dead. The last episode of Fear the Walking Dead shows the small group, led by Travis and Madison, contemplating leaving land and getting on a boat. Strand, a mysterious man Nicholas met while locked in the containment camp, gives the group shelter in his ocean-side estate and mentions “Abigail,” his yacht. The photo above confirms that they get on the yacht, and it seems to be the best thing to do: zombies/walkers can’t swim. In the video, cast and creators of the show share their thoughts and views on the new season.

Fear the walking dead season 2 cast
Kim Dickens (Madison, Cliff (Travis), Alycia Debnam- (Alicia), Frank Dillane (Nick) (Photo Courtesy of AMC)

An article by the HD Room says that production on Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 began in December in Mexico on the Baja peninsula at Baja Studios. The photo above shows Travis Manawa and Daniel Salazar on the deck of Strand’s yacht.

Executive producer David Alpert says that more of Madison’s back story will be revealed in Season 2. Kim Dickens, who plays Madison, also speaks about a “dark past” that Madison has.

“The dark past that she has, that she’s suppressed or that she keeps as a secret is probably going to be the thing that serves her.”

What secret is Madison hiding from her past?

Executive producer Dave Erickson poses the question of whether Madison and Travis will be able to survive and stay together through the ordeal. Alpert replies “Being the world of the Walking Dead, nobody’s safe.” Erickson then talks about Nick and his ability to overcome his addiction, given that he is not going to be able to score so easily in this new world of the Walking Dead. Frank Dillane, the actor who plays Nick, gives his thoughts on Nick.

“I think Nick can’t be that broken all the time, so I hope he’s going to find some kind of salvation.”

Concerning Alicia, Erickson says she had a plan. Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia, talks about how everything Alicia thought she knew or had and what she was going to become is ripped away out from under her feet. Erickson goes on to ask what happens to a 17-year-old girl who suddenly has to face the fact that her boyfriend is dead and has to contend with the idea of mortality. The producers say that everyone is beginning to realize that they need to survive, and the series will explore how they do that and still keep their humanity.

The actors are dubious of how the season is going to play out on a boat, but producers seem to be more enthusiastic about the idea. Gale Ann Hurd, another executive producer of Fear the Walking Dead, says that at the end of Season 1 there is a “glimmer of hope,” that escape is possible, referring to Strand’s yacht. While the actors all say they have no idea of where they are going on the boat, Hurd says, “You will have to find out in Season 2!”

What do the actors think about the idea of being a boat? Kim Dickens said “What are we going to do on a boat?” Cliff Curtis, who plays Travis says “I don’t think you get more confined than a boat, floating around on the ocean,” and Lorenzo James Henrie, who plays Travis’ son, Chris, says “People go crazy on a boat.” Whatever happens, it looks like Fear the Walking Dead will be an interesting new journey in the Walking Dead world.

Do you think Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 will be better than Season 1?

[Photo via AMC]