Robert Redford: Pope Francis’ Visit To United States Was ‘A Game Changer’

Robert Redford seems to be a victim, but not of a tragic golf accident. No, he is the victim of the latest “sick hoax.” Daily Mail reports that the hoax came out on December 31, 2015, and was refuted by one of Redford’s reps the following day.

The original Twitter post that reported the false death of Robert Redford was posted by Sky Breaking News and it was later removed. But within 15 minutes of their post, the news spread across Twitter at a rapid pace.

Robert Redford’s publicist also chimed in on the falsehood of the report of his death.

“This is a sick hoax. I just spoke to him and there is no truth to this whatsoever.”

With the hoax cleared out of the way, Robert Redford can indeed keep on living, and as usual, he is doing so in fine style. As an environmental activist, the New York Times reports that Redford recently appeared at the UNESCO headquarters in New York.

With Redford were three people who came from indigenous communities in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Marshall Islands. They were there to discuss climate change. When asked if he was optimistic about the Paris climate talks, Robert Redford said he didn’t see any reason to be there if he wasn’t.

“I don’t see any reason to come here if you’re coming here with a pessimistic view. You might have worries, you might have concerns, you might have doubts, but that has to be outweighed by optimism. This is the time now for something to happen.”

Robert Redford was also asked if the environmental movement in America is changing, if it is becoming more in sync with the concerns of the average citizen, rather than the elite.

“You know what that’s about. That’s about politics. You can expect the ideologues on one side to fight progress, to fight change. I think those people are afraid of change. But change is inevitable. We have to live with the fact. It’s going to happen. I think the thing that was probably a game changer for that — because those voices were so loud in Congress — was when Pope Francis came to the United States. He did something extraordinary that I think changed the game. When he spoke, he put climate change up front, and he talked about it being a moral issue, not a political issue. When he did that, I think right away it pointed an arrow at the negative part of politics playing a role in climate change.”

Robert Redford was also asked what ordinary Americans should do to fight climate change.

“Ordinary Americans should start by paying attention. Entertainment’s really nice, but there are other things happening. They need to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around them, particularly in their home areas. And realize that they have a role to play, they have a voice that they should use: voting, coming together, forming coalitions, realizing that they do have a voice and that it should be the strongest voice.”

On top of all his environmental activism, Robert Redford still finds the time to make movies and act in them. His most recent movies include Truth, in which he plays the role of Dan Rather, and the comedic movie A Walk in the Woods, starring alongside Nick Nolte.

Hopefully, Robert Redford will be around for a long time to come, bringing his skill and talent to the big and small screens and his influence to environmental matters that need more attention.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]