‘Hitler Is On The Way’, Proclaimed Anti-Semitic Men As They Pelted Jewish Shoppers With Gas Canisters In London

Jewish shoppers at Tottenham Hale Retail Park in London were violently attacked by three anti-Semitic men on Wednesday. The assault took occurred just prior to 8:00 p.m., as the men threw gas canisters at the Jewish individuals and yelled out hateful remarks like “Heil Hitler” from their pickup truck.

“Hitler is on the way to you, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler.”

Shomrim, the Jewish neighborhood watch group, received reports of the attack, according to Metro. Scotland Yard was notified of the incident and promptly began their investigation to search for the assailants and ensure they were no longer a threat to the Jewish residents.

No one was hurt during Wednesday’s attack.

The anti-Semitic attack was acted out just twenty-two days prior to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which takes place on January 27. The justification behind the attack is currently unknown, but investigators are asking for tips from anyone that has more information about the attack.

The attack on the Jewish Residents of London is another reminder of the atrocities the Jewish people have endured in the past during Hitler’s reign of terror. Although the current victims are not believed to be survivors of the Holocaust, the attack upon them is a reminder that antisemitism is still prevalent in the world.

Anti-semitic attack on Jews in London

The Huffington Post reported that Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism believes the small gas canisters that were used to pelt the Jewish individuals was a callback to the gas chambers used to kill Jews during World War II under Hitler’s reign.

“Obviously there are negative connotations conjured up related to gas especially when the Holocaust is evoked as six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, many being systematically gassed by the Nazis.”

However, Sacerdoti was quick to point out that his thoughts are merely speculation and he cannot verify that the gas canisters are directly associated with the gassing during the Holocaust.

“But we cannot say that this was a deliberate connection or link. I have no way to know why they chose these projectiles. It is merely speculation. The attackers did refer to the Holocaust.”

Michael Blayer, a volunteer for Shomrim, was appalled by the behaviors of the attackers and cannot understand why innocent shoppers were targeted at the retail park. He only knows that they were attacked because they were “visibly Jewish,” as reported by the victims. He is also upset that the victims were pelted by more than just the small gas canisters, but also hateful and harmful words.


“The verbal abuse was disgusting, and small objects were thrown towards the victims, making them fear for their immediate safety. Shomrim are supporting the victims.”

Sacerdoti asked that any incidents of anti-Semitic behavior be reported to the police and treated as any hate crime might be. He added that all anti-Semitic reports are taken seriously and investigated just as any other crime might be. Any individual found guilty of anti-Semitic behaviors are charged according to their deviant deeds and receive sentences that are appropriate for the crimes.

Scotland Yard reported that one of the anti-Semitic assailants is a 24-year-old white male. He was arrested due to a suspicion of a religiously-aggravated public order defense. A second man, 22-years-old, and a third, 18-years-old, were both apprehended and arrested on the same offense.

It is still unknown whether the men acted alone or if they are part of a larger group of anti-Semitic Hitler worshippers. Police investigators are asking that any information regarding the attack be reported to them so they can investigate further.

[Image via Luis Echeverri Urrea/Shutterstock]