Janet Jackson Denies Having Cancer: ‘The Rumors Are Untrue’ Janet Tweets [Video]

Janet Jackson does not have cancer, despite rumors to the contrary. Jackson, who had to postpone part of her Unbreakable World Tour due to a mysterious surgery, took to social media to confirm the rumors about throat cancer are untrue.

On January 6, Radar Online wrote that Janet Jackson had to postpone her tour due to a growth that might turn out to be throat cancer. Two weeks prior, Jackson was forced to stop singing because she had to have surgery, but Jackson declined to say what the surgery was for. Jackson was next scheduled to perform in Denver, but had to cancel the date. Jackson is next scheduled to perform in Europe in March.


In an online post, Janet told fans about the medical issue, and said that her doctors advised it should be taken care of immediately. “I learned today, from my doctors that I must have surgery soon,” Jackson wrote to her fans after wishing them a happy holidays.

“It breaks my heart to tell you that I am forced to postpone the Unbreakable Tour until the spring,” Janet continued. The 49-year-old singer also asked her fans to pray for her, “my family and our entire company during this difficult time.” Janet also advised that there “will be no further comment” about her condition or the reason for her surgery.

Citing a source close to Janet Jackson, Radar Online wrote that “[d]octors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords that could be serious.” Revealing that it is “a medical condition,” the source said that the problem “has to be taken care of immediately.” The source also revealed that Janet was hopeful, and “knows that with prayers and her will, she’ll be back out on the road in the spring or early summer.”


At the time, Radar reported that there was a small chance that the growth might be cancer. Noting that it might be “cancer of the larynx,” the news site noted that the medical issue “would abruptly end her ability to ever perform again.”

Following surgery for throat cancer, patents usually need an electrolarynx, which is an artificial voice box, in order to communicate. “Singing would be impossible” if Janet did need surgery for throat cancer. Often, even if a surgery is successful, it is “very complex,” and Janet might need “months of radiation treatment.”

Following the rumors, Jackson decided to directly address them. A message was posted on her Twitter account which advised that although it “was Janet’s wish not to make any further comments about her health,” Jackson felt compelled to release a statement “because of the great concern from around the world.” The message also said that “Janet will be releasing a personal message shortly.”


Luckily, Janet has been able to confirm that she does not have throat cancer. Janet confirms that she is well and is recovering. Jackson was able to post online that “[t]he [rumors] are untrue,” and “I do not have cancer.”

On her Twitter account on January 6, Janet shared a two-minute clip of her song “The Great Forever,” which was captioned “[f]rom my lips.” The song was followed by tweet that confirmed that currently, she is “recovering.” In her announcement, Janet offered no further detail, except to say that her doctors have approved her to return to performing this spring, on the European leg of her tour.


Jackson also thanked her fan base for “your prayers and love.” Although fans were shocked to learn Janet had to postpone part of her tour, it wasn’t too shocking since Janet had been advised throughout October to rest her voice by her personal physicians. Janet’s Unbreakable tour has been a smash hit, and has been listed as a Top 20 global concert tour by Pollstar.

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