Bernie Sanders Would 'Destroy' Trump -- The Socialist Senator Has Right-Wing Appeal

Sandra Hajda

Bernie Sanders "destroys" Donald Trump by a whopping 13 points in a new poll, as reported by The Huffington Post.

This places the socialist senator in a strong position indeed. He would beat Trump more solidly than Hillary Clinton would in a Clinton vs. Trump race.

To be precise, Sanders would beat Trump by six points more than Hillary Clinton would manage. Clinton has taken note of this -- ABC News reports that Bernie Sanders' popularity is making Clinton 'nervous.'

"Most Americans, regardless of their political persuasion, do not believe that a handful of billionaires should control the political life of this country."

This week Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook sent a fundraising email to supporters with the subject line "nervous."

Mook revealed exactly what was making him nervous -- Bernie Sanders.

"There's a situation developing in Iowa and New Hampshire that could change the course of this election," Mook wrote, referring to Vermont senator Bernie Sanders' lead in the states following a strong advertising campaign.

Another fundraising email sent by the Clinton camp recently mentioned the "(seriously!) tight" polls in New Hampshire.

Did Sanders steal some of Trump's supporters? Bernie Sanders stated recently that he believes he can win over fans of bombastic Republican candidate Donald Trump.

MSNBC reported on the appeal that Sanders holds for Trump voters. Sanders' New Hampshire communications director Karthik Ganapathy had the following to say.

"Bernie's message speaks to people who feel that frustration [with the political system], but instead of channeling it towards hatred and xenophobia, offers voters a forward-looking and hopeful vision for the future."

Even Sanders' stance on immigration may hold some appeal for fans of the other anti-establishment candidate, Donald Trump. Much of Trump's vote-and-media pulling power stems from what supporters see as his tough stance on on immigration, and desire to put America first.

"Make America Great Again!" is the catch-cry of the outspoken Trump, whose last book was called Crippled America. Trump soothes the fears of workers by promising to put them first -- to prioritize their interests over those of the immigrants Obama insists Americans welcome and treat with sensitivity. Many Trump supporters deride Obama for his refusal to even use the term "radical Islam," for fear of alienating Muslims or appearing politically incorrect.

Trump and Sanders may seem like polar opposites, but they share one thing in common -- they promise to act in the interests of Americans.

Bernie Sanders made this comment about the similarities between himself and Trump,

"He's said 'Let's take care of American workers.' I'm all for that"

"I notice that [Sanders'] immigration position is closer to mine than some of the presidential candidates on the Republican side," the staunch Republican said.

Sanders opposed a 2007 immigration reform bill, and has spoken often about the crippling effect immigrant labor can have on American workers.

Sanders has alienated immigration activists and liberal allies by making such statements in the past. The Vermont senator expressed his concern that as guest workers from countries like Mexico flood in, they depress wages and squeeze Americans out of jobs.

"The reality is employers hire desperate aliens who will work for much less than Americans, driving wages down and making it impossible for American workers to compete."

[Image by Kevin Wolf/AP Photo]