One Direction Baby Almost Due — Eerie Photo Shows Louis Tomlinson And New Girlfriend Haunted By Baby

louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s baby with former fling Briana Jungwirth is reportedly due in just 2-3 weeks, according to Hollywood Life.

The One Direction star is expected to fly to California to be with Briana for the birth of their child, rumored to be a girl.

“Louis has already cleared out his entire schedule a month before the due date just in case. He wouldn’t miss the birth for anything!”

The One Direction star was skiing in the Alps with rumored new girlfriend Danielle Campbell just 2 days ago, as reported by the Latin Post. The pair were even caught on camera sharing a kiss as they socialized with a lively crowd in a Val Thorens VIP area — knowing how generous Louis Tomlinson is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he drew in some new friends he’d just made on the ski slopes and gave them access to restricted rooms.

It seems Louis is now back in London — he was photographed today smiling in what appears to be a restaurant, alongside a brunette that does not look like girlfriend Danielle Campbell, and definitely not like Louis’ baby mama, Briana Jungwirth.

With the baby reportedly due soon, and Briana believed to be in California, Louis Tomlinson will probably be hopping on yet another plane soon to join the Calabasas blonde in her hometown. It is believed that Louis’ mother, Johannah Deakin, a former midwife, will also fly to California for the birth.

Louis Tomlinson watchers wondered whether he risked missing his child’s due date by taking an early January holiday in the Alps. Some pointed out that if the baby were to arrive prematurely by just a week or so, Louis could miss the magic moment.

A few One Direction fans on social media obviously have Louis’ child on their minds — a careful examination of the Louis Tomlinson/ Danielle Campbell PDA image that confirmed they are dating, revealed an extra twist.

In the light above the couple’s heads, some can see what they believe looks like an infant watching over the pair.

The photo follows a spate of recent creepy, viral, baby-related images. Two have gone viral this year, and we are only ten days into 2016.

Just this month, on January 6, the Huffington Post reported on an ultrasound image that took the internet by storm — in the image a demon appears to be watching over a shapeless fetus.

More positively, on January 4, the Mirror reported on a viral ultrasound image that appears to show an angel watching over a fully-formed fetus. The child’s mother believes the image shows that her baby has been “blessed.”

Silly? Yes, definitely. But it shows how much One Direction watchers are anticipating the birth and the beloved Louis Tomlinson’s fatherhood (or in some cases, how eager they are for Babygate to be over and/or for Briana to be exposed as a fake.)

A new selfie of the blonde mother-to-be also surfaced on social media today, and Briana looks happy and healthy, with her signature blonde waves framing her face and a pastel-colored floral clip or headband in her hair. Only her head and arm are visible, and it is not known how recent the picture is.

What is known is that Louis Tomlinson will be a great father. Louis’ mate Ashton Irwin from Australian band 5SOS has already given him a shout out for that, saying the following.

“Who cares if it was from a one-night thing?… The way it’s being dealt with is cool.”

Louis donated a whopping 2 million pounds to a children’s charity last year, and has often been photographed bonding with children, whether it’s on tour, on the soccer field, backstage, at the charity balls he organizes, or at home in the UK with his own tiny siblings.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]