Newlyweds Make Surprise Pre-Wedding Reception Stop To Visit Groom’s 91-Year-Old Grandmother

A newlywed couple made a surprise stop after their wedding ceremony to visit with the groom’s grandmother as she was in too poor of health to make it to the wedding. Therefore, the couple decided to pay her a surprise visit while still in their wedding attire as they headed to their reception venue following their nuptials. The grandmother, 91, wore her Sunday’s best and a corsage as she lay in bed in honor of her grandson’s big day. However, she had no idea that the pair would appear, in full formal wear, at her bedside just weeks before she would pass away.

The Daily Mail reports that newlyweds Lauren and Brian Kurtulik paid a special visit to one wedding guest that couldn’t make it to their ceremony. Brian says that his 91-year-old grandmother was bed-ridden due to a recent broken ankle, so was unable to make it to the pairs wedding ceremony. Therefore, the couple decided to bring the wedding to grandma Peg McCormack in her New Jersey rehabilitation center. The couple arrived with Lauren still in her wedding dress and Brian in his tux.

Newlyweds surprise grandmother 2
Newlyweds surprise groom's 91-year-old grandmother on their wedding day. (Image via Facebook/ Hello Gorgeous Photography)

The heart-warming moment was captured by a photographer with Hello Gorgeous Photography and shared on their social media pages. The image shows Peg’s mouth opening wide as she saw the fancy couple enter her room. Lauren says that she was in complete shock that the pair was there in their wedding attire and kept saying “I have a granddaughter. I finally have a granddaughter.”

“I walked in first and her mouth flew open. She was just staring at me and then Brian walked in. She kept saying, ‘I have a granddaughter. I finally have a granddaughter.'”

The Kurtuliks also honored Brian’s grandmother in another special way by having the ceremony in the same church that she had wed. Brian notes that he was very close to his grandmother growing up as they only lived a half-hour away from each other. He says that his grandmother was a big part of his life and that she was always there for any big events in his life.

“Anything going on in our lives she was there. She lived from party to party.”

It seems that even in her physical absence, Brian was not far from his grandmother’s mind. Lauren says that it was great to walk in and see that Peg was wearing the outfit that she had planned to wear to the wedding ceremony, complete with her corsage.

“She was all dressed up and just hanging out, like she was there in spirit.”

Brian and Lauren at their wedding venue, the same place that Brian's grandmother wed. (Image via Facebook/ Hello Gorgeous Photography)

Lauren notes that both she and Brian wanted to share their special day with his aging grandmother and that they are so glad that they did as Peg passed away a few weeks after their wedding. Brian says that he was happy to be able to bring a portion of that day to his grandmother and that it only took a small amount of time but was a very special moment.

“My wish is that people see these images and realize that wedding days are bigger than the dress and the flowers and the fancy food. They are about the little moments, the ones that you may never get back. Wedding days are about you and your partner together and the new family you are creating.”

What do you think of the newlyweds inclusion of the groom’s ailing grandmother into their wedding day?

[Image via Shutterstock]