Niall Horan Is A New Bet, Ready For Fame Break, Yet Defines Celebrity Status

Unlike the rest of One Direction, Niall Horan had lots of juicy gossip at the beginning of January that puts him in several new situations. For instance, Niall Horan has supposedly checked out of the celebrity life to party in the U.K. and is mingling with regular townsfolk.

Niall Horan is also the center of an odd bet while concurrently being used by at least one person as a marker for how high a new star has ascended on the ladder to celebrity status.

Of course, Niall Horan fans are also interested in developments in his love life because he has been single for awhile — but this does not necessarily mean Selena Gomez is a part of the equation.

What is interesting about Niall Horan’s current life as a celebrity is that he has gained attention outside of his usual One Direction fans because he is now the focus of a bet, according to the Irish Mirror.

The Irish Independent explained on January 10, that some people in the U.K. think that Niall Horan will be on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

Although Niall Horan is not currently listed to appear on the show, the leader of the betting company said that “Niall was home over Christmas in Mullingar and now that he has some free time on his hands with One Direction on a break it would be no surprise to see him enter the Big Brother house.”

However, fans are also deeply concerned about Niall Horan spending his hiatus from One Direction feeling sad and lonely for Selena Gomez.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were rumors that Niall Horan and Selena Gomez were spending time together on New Year’s Eve — and that he had sent her a romantic Christmas present.

Sadly, it appears that Niall Horan and Selena Gomez have not confirmed that this New Year’s Eve trip to St. Bart’s happened in the first place (or if they were together) — and now it looks like they may not be in a relationship any time soon.

Niall Horan may not have been with Selena Gomez on NYE because he was at the 2016 William Hill PDC World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace in London on January 2. (Picture by Dan Mullan/Stringer/Getty Images).

For the time being, things are unclear about Niall Horan and an alleged relationship with Selena Gomez, according to insiders. Hollywood Life stated on January 5, that “Selena doesn’t want to commit to a relationship and Niall doesn’t want to rush her or force her into anything. He doesn’t want to give her an ultimatum because he really likes her.”

Regardless, with or without Selena Gomez, Niall Horan makes sure to check in with fans a week after New Year’s Day and says “I’m still here” on Twitter on January 7, with the following message.

“Hey guys just to let ya know, I’m still here don’t worry. Just keeping my head down and enjoying the break, hope you understand. Love you.”

Niall Horan says he is keeping his head down — but it appears that he is partying in London. The Irish Examiner reported on January 4, that Niall Horan was in England at Alexandra Place for the World Darts Competition on January 2.

It seems that Niall Horan likes pretending he is a regular person as he takes time off from One Direction, but that does not mean he can escape celebrity life. In particular, Niall Horan is being cited as one of the defining moments of fame in a young woman’s relationship with her boyfriend, according to the Sun.

Etaoin Corr explained that her boyfriend, Jason Boland of Kodaline, suddenly became famous and Corr knew this was a fact when “[Jason] would call from exotic locations, such as Las Vegas, where he’d been at Niall Horan’s 21st birthday party.”

Niall Horan is being used to measure other people's fame despite the fact he's ready for a break from being a celebrity.
Niall Horan may be looking forward to a break from One Direction, but the world is unlikely to forget him and some use him to measure other people's level of fame. (Photo by Carrie Davenport/Getty Images)

In the meantime, Niall Horan may be keeping his head down because he is focused on wrapping up work with One Direction before they go on hiatus in March.

For instance, Niall Horan will only have a couple of months to find time to work on an upcoming May episode of Family Guy, according to a report from Variety on January 9.

[Picture by Charlie Crowhurst/Stringer/Getty Images]