Brian Hoyer, Houston Texans Throw Up A Dud In Wild Card Loss To Kansas City Chiefs

Even Brian Hoyer knows he didn’t put up a good fight in the Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs blowout that ended the Texans playoff run in the wildcard round. The disappointing 30-0 loss to the Chiefs is being blamed mostly on Texans Quarterback Brian Hoyer, who couldn’t even eek out a single point in the Texans painful home field loss.

Hoyer was definitely not playing like he wanted to win with 3 picks in the first half. Add that to Brian Hoyer’s lost fumble and the Houston Texans were trailing by 13 points at half-time. Hoyer never seemed to get on track and entered the second half with only 7-14 completed passes for 61 yards according to ESPN. The last half of the wild card playoff game didn’t get any better for Hoyer or the Texans. Brian Hoyer managed to give up another interception, ending the game with a total of four.

Despite Brian Hoyer’s inability to put together a successful drive against the Kansas City Chiefs, Brian’s disappointing performance was allowed to continue throughout the wild card matchup. Texans coach Bill O’Brien is also hearing from unhappy fans who felt the playoff game should have gone differently.

O’Brien was asked why he stuck with Brian Hoyer despite his abysmal performance. “I did not consider that,” O’Brien said after the game, regarding removing Hoyer for Weeden. “I felt like sticking with him was the right thing to do.” O’Brien has been heavily criticized for his decision to keep Hoyer in the game despite Weeden’s impressive start in week 16.

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After the Houston Texans disappointing wild card loss, Brian Hoyer spoke about his poor performance.”I made some bad decisions that really hurt the team,” Hoyer said. “I picked the wrong time to have the worst game.It’s tough. Own up to it and learn from it. Embarrassing.”

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense is known for their ability to shut down their opponents. That said, Brian Hoyer got destroyed, and it was very evident in the first half that Hoyer never really got his momentum going at all. It’s not really clear why O’Brien didn’t swap out the struggling Hoyer. The Texans had no problems juggling their quarterbacks throughout the season since no clear frontrunner ever really shined.

The Houston Texans became the first team since 1950 to have four different quarterbacks win a game in the same season. The four winning quarterbacks for the regular 2015 NFL Season were Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Mallett and T.J. Yates. Mallett has since been released from the team and Yates is out for the season with a torn ACL.

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That only left Weeden as a backup and apparently Bill O’Brien just didn’t feel comfortable subbing him in. Of course, it couldn’t have hurt since the Houston Texans literally couldn’t have done worse than their 30-0 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Brian Hoyer battled for starting quarterback with Ryan Mallett early in the Texans regular season. Considering Hoyer’s lackluster season and embarrassing playoff attempt, should Hoyer be worried the Texans might be considering a replacement for next season or is he worth grooming?

Some are screaming for Bill O’Brien to replace Hoyer and find a franchise quarterback for their already decent team. Is that the right move or does Brian deserve another chance? Hoyer definitely had his worst game during both the regular and playoff season. He threw up a shocking four interceptions during the huge loss, but never had more than one interception in a game during the regular season.

The same goes for lost fumbles, Hoyer only has two in the entire regular season but, unfortunately, added another in today’s loss. Not to mention that Arian Foster, one of Hoyer’s main targets, has been out for most of the season. There’s a pretty good chance that Brian Hoyer might prove himself worthy of a nickname if the Houston Texans can manage to surround him with the right people next year, starting with his offensive line.

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