October 20, 2017
High-Tech Pregnancy Test Revealed At Consumer Electronics Show Featuring Bluetooth Capability

The First Response Pregnancy Pro Stick was revealed at an unlikely location this week, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With the CES showcasing the latest and greatest in consumer electronics products, the First Response pregnancy test appears to be out-of-place at first glance. However, upon closer examination you will understand exactly why the pregnancy test was revealed among other innovative electronic devices.

The Daily Mail reports that First Response, a company known for pregnancy test products, revealed a new high-tech offering at the CES in Las Vegas this week. The company unveiled a bluetooth-capable pregnancy test that showcases pregnancy test results on a smartphone's screen. The First Response Pregnancy Pro Stick is designed to make waiting for pregnancy test results more relaxing. The pregnancy test works in conjunction with the First Response mobile app which allows users to listen to relaxing music while they wait for their test results to process.

"Discover the first-ever pregnancy test to sync with your smartphone. This unique testing experience includes the app that brings you unprecedented personalization and support during one of the most important moments in your life. Because what you need more than anything right now is information."
Instead of staring at the test stick, users can watch a series of relaxing videos on their smartphone screen without missing out on the big moment. As soon as the test results are processed and the stick indicates pregnant or not pregnant, a notification of the results immediately appears on the smartphone screen. While the relaxing music and stress-free waiting time is part of the appeal of the device, there is much more to the new bluetooth-capable pregnancy stick.

For those that prefer a more humor-centered wait time, users can select "entertain me" instead of calm me to be shown a series of distracting videos while they wait for the three-minute testing window to complete. Another option is "educate me" which provides the user with varying information on fertility and pregnancy along with visuals.

First Response Bluetooth Pregnancy Test
First Response tells users to first download the First Response App and then follow the instructions on the screen to connect the test to the smartphone. (Image via First Response)

When integrated with the First Response smartphone app, information on your monthly cycle and past pregnancy test results can be stored for medical or personal use. The app can calculate ovulation date based on information put into the app which can help those hoping to get pregnant determine the most likely time of ovulation each month. As pregnancy tests are taken, the results will also be stored within the app.

Once a user becomes pregnant, the First Response app allows the user to track their pregnancy and to calculate estimated due date. If the user is pregnant, a congratulatory message appears across the screen and a button to the pregnancy tracker appears. However, if a user is not pregnant, the app will offer "next steps" to the user that includes cycle tracking for determining ovulation dates.

The First Response Pregnancy Pro Stick is slated to go on sale this spring and is reportedly going to cost between $15 and $22 per single-use stick. What do you think about a pregnancy test stick that integrates with your smartphone via bluetooth? Would you use a bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test to keep track of your pregnancy results?