Fat Squirrels Take Over Twitter As Warmer-Than-Usual Weather Is Keeping The Rodents Well-Fed

Fat squirrels are taking over Twitter as photographs of the pudgy rodents are uploaded to the social media website. It appears that squirrels are celebrating the warm winter weather by eating. Instead of heading into their dens to remain warm like they do in harsher winters, squirrels are out in full force stuffing their tummies for a potential cold streak. However, with no cold weather in sight, many of the creatures are packing on the pounds.

Twitter has been inundated with photos of fat squirrels as the rodents take to the streets to stock up on food while the weather is still nice. However, unbeknownst to the squirrels, it doesn’t appear the little guys need to stock up as bitter cold den days will be left to the minimum thanks to El Nino. Lost At E Minor notes that unseasonably warm weather is confusing the squirrels and they are continuing to stock up on food despite a lack of extreme cold in the forecast.

Wildlife presenter Iolo Williams says that the squirrels are packing on the pounds because there is no shortage of nuts or food for them to eat. Williams is also a little kinder to the rodents by noting that their extra weight may also just be extra fluff from their thicker winter coats.

“There has been no shortage of nuts, seeds, and fungi for them to eat and store. With the extra layers of fat and thicker winter coat this can make them look much bigger.”


— emski (@EmilySueeeee) January 6, 2016

Fortunately for squirrels, people seem to think the more obese the squirrel becomes, the higher level of cuteness it obtains.

Some of the fat squirrels literally have no shame when it comes to scoring some food.

While many Twitter users are commenting on how adorable the pudgy rodents are this year, other users just seem a little stunned by the sudden increase in squirrel waist size.

Though many people seemed shocked at how large the squirrels are getting this year, others say it only makes sense given the area they are located and their diet.

Even Canadian squirrels are getting fat this year.

As the fat squirrels continue to be featured on Twitter, some are turning to the bulging beauties as their own personal spirit animal.

What do you think about this year’s “fast squirrel season?” Have you noticed any exceptionally large squirrels during the mild winter?

[Image via Twitter]