Could Artificial 'Power Islands' Solve The Energy Crisis? One Researcher Plans To Find Out

Tara West

One researcher from Portsmouth University in England claims that man-made artificial "power islands" could solve the world's energy crisis if they were implemented properly. By creating an artificial archipelago of power islands, energy could be secured from wind, tides, and the sun all in one place. These "power islands" could produce power for millions and cut back on complaints associated with regular power plants.

The Daily Mail reports that Carl Ross, a professor at Portsmouth University in England, has come up with a solution to the world's energy crisis, and it comes in the form of man-made islands. Ross suggests the energy woes could be combated by creating a series of artificial islands designed to harvest wind, solar, and tidal power all in one convenient location.

— Chris Young (@Norsunenergy) January 9, 2016

"They would support wind turbines and solar panels on their upper surface, while underneath tidal turbines harness the power of ocean currents."
"People often complain that renewable energy takes up valuable land, is unsightly, and causes noise. By putting three renewable energy systems on a floating island, we can avoid all these negative points."
"They calculated that 1.98 million tonnes of CO2 would be saved in a year and approximately 158 million tonnes of CO2 can be halted from being released 'into the environment' during the 80-year estimated life span of the islands."

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"Professor Ross reckons the huge initial expense would be recouped through domestic power bills in just 11 years, after which the floating islands would be producing power for only the cost of their maintenance."

Interestingly, Japan is already taking the lead on a similar project and has began constructing a solar power island.

— Ton Kraanen (@Baka_62) January 9, 2016

[Image via AP/ Robert F. Bukaty]