Babypod Intravaginal Speaker Is Inserted Like Tampon To Allow Unborn Baby To Listen To Music

The Babypod intravaginal speaker system is touted as the only “device that has demonstrated to stimulate vocalization of babies before birth with music.” The vaginal speaker connects to your smartphone and allows you to play the music of your choosing. The speaker is inserted into the vagina like a tampon, allowing the unborn baby an unobstructed musical experience. Therefore, Babypod is suggested for those that want to give their child the one-up of early brain stimulus via music, a precursor that Institut Marquès says will positively affect the baby’s brain development in the long-term.

The Daily Mail reports that Institut Marquès, the clinic making the bizarre device, claims that the only way that music can fully reach the baby inside of the womb is through the vagina. Studies from the Institut Marquès suggest that music stimulates major brain structures in human beings and improves their neurological development. Therefore, pediatricians recommend that children grow up in environments with many stimuli such as music. The researchers suggested that a child that hears music in the womb can have the benefits of better brain development before the baby is ever born. Additionally, the researchers suggest that babies who listen to music in the womb will also have advanced speaking skills as they begin to attempt speaking in the womb.

So how does the Babypod system work? According to the company’s website, the Babypod is an intervaginal speaker system that connects to the user’s smartphone or music device and is inserted vaginally like a tampon. Studies by the company claim that the Babypod is the only device that has been proven to stimulate vocalization of babies in the womb. However, some have questioned why an expectant mother simply can’t put headphones on her belly or speak directly to her tummy to allow stimulation of the unborn child.

Babypod seems to have an answer to this common question. The company says that they performed a study in which they placed headphones on a mother’s stomach and placed the volume to 98.6 decibels, the equivalent of a lawn mower’s output of sound. However, despite the high volume, Babypod says that the unborn baby did not respond to the music in any significant way. However, in stark contrast, when the Babypod was played vaginally to the baby at just 54 decibels, the level of a quiet conversation, the baby responded by moving his mouth and moving around with the music.

The pediatricians working on the Babypod device note that in addition to increasing stimulus for unborn babies, the product could potentially be used to diagnose hearing problems in infants even before they are born. Additionally, expectant mothers can enjoy the music with their baby by plugging in a headset to the extra jack at the top of the connector. Doctors say this may reduce pregnancy stress as the mother bonds with her baby in a meaningful way.

However, not everyone is optimistic about the potential of Babypod and says they question if women will actually want to insert a speaker into their vagina.

What do you think about the Babypod intervaginal speaker system? Is a product such as Babypod beneficial to expectant mothers and babies, or is it all hype? Would you ever use the Babypod?

[Image via Babypod]