Mysterious Vortex Appears Over Large Hadron Collider Particle Accelerator, Did Scientists Create An Interdimensional Portal?

Tourists from the United States claim that a strange vortex appeared over Switzerland while they were on vacation. They captured the strange moment on camera, which seems to show a bright orb entering the vortex before disappearing completely. Some are speculating that the video is a spacecraft of some sort entering an interdimensional portal. Interestingly, the location of the video is causing even more theories, as the incident allegedly took place near the CERN facility’s Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator, the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Did scientists at CERN create an interdimensional portal while attempting to create miniature black holes in their search for dark matter?

A strange video was posted by Section 51 to YouTube that is garnering a lot of attention. The video seemingly shows a vortex forming in the skies of Switzerland near the CERN facility. The vortex swirls in the sky as a bright orb-shaped object approaches the center of the vortex before disappearing completely. After the orb disappears, the vortex disappears and the sky returns to normal. The video was labeled as being filmed by U.S. tourists near the CERN facility in December.

“US tourists filmed UFO/strange orb entering Interdimensional Portal in the sky of Geneva, just over CERN area.”

According to Section 51, depending on the intensity of experiments taking place in CERN, a number of “strange” things could happen. The website notes that the Large Hadron Collider has already reached double potency level over the 10 Tev barrier of dark matter. This means that, in theory, the particle accelerator could form “micro-black holes” or a “bag of strangelets.”

CERN also notes that theoretically microscopic black holes could be created in the facility. However, they claim that under Einstein’s laws of relativity, it would be impossible for the LHC to create such black holes. If Einstein was wrong and other theories are correct and tiny black holes could be created by the LHC, CERN claims these tiny black holes would not be a cause for concern, as they would have microscopic effects.

“Speculations about microscopic black holes at the LHC refer to particles produced in the collisions of pairs of protons, each of which has an energy comparable to that of a mosquito in flight. Astronomical black holes are much heavier than anything that could be produced at the LHC. According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Einstein’s relativity, it is impossible for microscopic black holes to be produced at the LHC. There are, however, some speculative theories that predict the production of such particles at the LHC. All these theories predict that these particles would disintegrate immediately. Black holes, therefore, would have no time to start accreting matter and to cause macroscopic effects.”

Numerous concerns have been raised about the power of the LHC, so CERN released documents attempting to lay to rest the speculations by noting the facility’s security measures. CERN notes that the LHC has the ability to create energy density that is on par with what would have existed just a few moments after the Big Bang, but says it is nothing to fear as it is on such a small scale.

“However, at the very small scales of the proton beam, this energy concentration reproduces the energy density that existed just a few moments after the Big Bang—that is why collisions at the LHC are sometimes referred to as mini big bangs.”

Likewise, others have voiced concerns about the many unknowns associated with these types of experiments, notably the potential to create “stranglets,” hypothetical small pieces of matter that are made of “strange quarks” such as heavier and unstable relatives of the basic quarks that make up stable matter. CERN says that these pieces of matter have never been proven and that if they do exist, which they could, they would not be something to fear in the LHC setting.

“If strangelets were produced at the LHC, they would not wreak havoc. If they exist, they would already have been created by high-energy cosmic rays, with no harmful consequences.”

What do you think about the strange vortex video? Is it an elaborate hoax or do you agree with some of the CERN skeptics that think the Large Hadron Collider is a disaster waiting to happen?

[Image via Section 51/YouTube]