El Chapo Life Story: The Movie Plans Led To His Capture

The El Chapo story has it all. This Joaquin Guzman movie would have a famous antihero as a star, one who is wealthy beyond imagination with at least $4 billion, and that is just the money he can talk about. Who knows how much illegal money El Chapo has stashed?

El Chapo has been listed in Forbes at the ranking of No. 41 with $4 billion (today he is listed at just $1 billion) in the most powerful men in the world category, but that is just about money. How many of those 40 ahead of him have killed over a thousand people, of course excluding deaths due to deadly chemical pollution and sweatshop accidents. Many could rival him if that was counted, but respectable businessmen don’t brag that way. El Chapo is willing to tell all the gory details in a feature film about his life.

According to Daniel Politi of The Slate, the El Chapo Movie would be a rags-to-riches story. A Mexican street kid never makes it through high school, and spends his days selling oranges on the street corner. As Hollywod Life reports, everyone calls him “El Chapo,” the Spanish word for “short,” because he was only five-foot, six-inches tall, and he may have been even shorter at the time. Then, Shorty learned to sell something much more profitable, to a lot more people. Suddenly he is head of an organization that shipped tons of Mexico’s leading export to eager customers in the U.S. He could name his price and so he rapidly became a billionaire.

El-Chapo-Aspiring-Movie-Producer-Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. [image via AP/Rebecca Blackwell)

Unfortunately for El Chapo though, someone he contacted about making his movie gave him away. There was apparently a long list of actors, actresses, directors, and producers who were asked to participate in the Cenema extravaganza that would tell the life story of El Chapo.

What is a story like this though, without including the Family? El Chapo has two adult sons, Alfredo Guzman and Ivan Archivaldo Guzman. While their father is temporarily indisposed in a Mexican prison, they are stepping up and at least trying to step into his shoes. There is, of course, some competition for the job, so the brothers are going all out to gain attention.

El Chapo Sons Making Threats and Appeals To Public and Associates on Twitter

El Chapo’s boys have apparently been updating Shorty’s style with social media. Tweets from the brothers range from Ivan’s threats to Mexican authorities, to apparent notifications to various associates and appeals to the public from Alfredo. According to CNN, Ivan has been tweeting rather angrily to Mexican Special Forces.

“You don’t know what you’ve done or the mess you got yourself into.”

Alfredo, backing up his brother on this one, then posted his own tweet.

“I can be a saint if you’re dealing fairly with me, but otherwise I’m poison and the government will soon know about the Guzmans.”

Alfredo’s random tweets seem to be more cryptic, but he is apparently letting everyone know he and his brother are stepping up to the plate, and running the family business. He appealed for respect from his people.


I do not want to offend anyone but I think my apa (Spanish for Parent Teachers Association, or PTA) people need to support more wing people and the Government does nothing, I only ask for respect at this time.


In Twitter, according to what is circulated around, what others walk around and say is false and has no basis in reality, we are so often branded as bad people.

El Chapo and his movie plans ended in his capture
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. El-Chapo-Movie-Plans-Led-to-to his Arrest. [image via AP/Eduardo Verdugo)

So what is up next for El Chapo. Most experts predict that he will stage another fabulous escape. According to The Guardian, Jorge Kawas, a security analyst predicts for El Chapo a well-assisted escape in the very near future, and for the following reasons.

“Some powerful people in the elite should be worried if El Chapo decides to spill the beans.”

So assisted by powerful associates, El Chapo could once again thwart the Mexican prison system, and live to ride into the sunset in the end of his great feature film.

[images via AP/Marco Ugarte]