WWE Rumors, Spoilers: ‘RAW’ Features Brock Lesnar’s Return And A Title Shot For Kalisto?

The Royal Rumble is on the way. WrestleMania 32 is less than four months away. Right now, WWE could say that Mick Foley is returning and having a hardcore match with Raven, and it wouldn’t get as much attention as Brock Lesnar returning to WWE television. Well, that’s still just one thing happening on Monday Night RAW, and here are some rumors, spoilers, and a preview for all that will go down.

The return of Lesnar is what everyone wants to see, but there is more that will be happening as the road to WrestleMania is truly getting underway now. WWE.com has revealed their Five-Point Preview for Monday, and it’s looking like it will be a huge show.

The Beast is back!

He’s going to let his plans be known, or more so, Paul Heyman is going to be in New Orleans with him to reveal the plans of his client. Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen since defeating The Undertaker at Hell In A Cell at the end of October, and everyone is anxious to see who he may have in his sights.

As reported by WrestleZone, Lesnar has made two house show appearances in the last month. One was in mid-December as he took on Alberto Del Rio. Last night, Lesnar took on Sheamus in a very physical match, and it was a good one.

In those two house show matches, Lesnar faced off with members of the League of Nations. Will he continue that trend on RAW?

The fight of Reigns’ life

Roman Reigns has to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title later this month, but it won’t be a simple one-on-one match. No, Vince McMahon has said that Reigns will have to defend his title in the Royal Rumble match against 29 other superstars.

Needless to say, but the deck is stacked against him.

Is a U.S. Title Match in Kalisto’s future?

On the USA debut of SmackDown this past Thursday, Kalisto scored an upset victory over United States Champion Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match. John Cena introduced Kalisto as Del Rio’s opponent, but the champ refused to put his title on the line, and it was a good thing he did.

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Now that the Lucha Dragon has won that match, though, is he deserving of a title shot? Some aren’t sure it will happen, though, as many rumors have been flying around that WWE may not want to push the high-flying star due to his small size.

The carnage continues

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens have been putting on a pretty good show for a couple months, and it seems as if they are continuing the feud. Dolph Ziggler was involved in it for a while, but it appears as if he was just a pawn being used by both superstars.

With a no-contest ruling coming in their match from SmackDown on Thursday, WWE may end up announcing a “No Disqualification” or “No Holds Barred” match for the two at the Royal Rumble. Either way, they’ve been two of the most entertaining superstars on WWE TV in a while.

Will Becky get payback against the Flairs?

The dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair, has taught his daughter, Charlotte, well, and she is following in his footsteps, as recapped by WWE.com. Not only is she the champion, but she has already proven that no one can trust her, and that includes her former friend, Becky Lynch. This feud is set to continue, and likely set up a Divas Championship match soon.

Image via WWE

Monday Night RAW will signify less than two weeks until WWE puts on the Royal Rumble, and things are really just getting started. Kalisto possibly getting a singles title shot is going to be huge, if it happens, but all eyes and focus will be on the return of Brock Lesnar and what exactly he plans to do going forward.

[Image via WWE]