Put Your Head On Your Favorite Lego Character: Company Creates Custom Lego Heads Using 3D Printer

Funky3DFaces uses 3D printing technology to give Lego fans the chance to put their own face on their favorite Lego character. The company creates the custom Lego heads using two photographs submitted by the user of the person’s front and side of their head. The image is then created in 3D format in the form of a removable Lego head removable so that it can be placed on any existing Lego body figures, making it possible for Lego fans to fully immerse themselves in the world of Lego seamlessly.

The Daily Mail reports that Funky3DFaces is a Lego fan’s dream come true. The company is taking Lego to a whole new level by offering customized 3D heads that can be created for any person using just two photographs. The company creates the miniature 3D replica of the head in the photographs and is designed so that it can fit directly onto any existing Lego figure body.

Once the customer uploads their images to the system, they are allowed to pick a hairstyle and hair color to complete the process. The hairstyles come in a variety of choices to ensure your replica is as life-like as possible. Interestingly, the 3D printing company got its start by creating 3D prints of bones for the medical industry and architectural models.

Although the company says those much-needed projects are still a centerpiece to the company, they wanted to add something fun the mix. That is how the Funky3DFacese company was born. The company notes that though they do enjoy making bones, they also wanted to have an inexpensive and fun offering that could be marketed to the masses.

“Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings, we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses. So the mission was to produce something that was small enough to be inexpensive, but completely unique and personal to each individual.”

The company notes that it originally tried a project of scanning people with a 3D scanner and recreating them into miniature figurines. However, the process was too expensive and was eventually axed. The company then thought of Lego and utilized the company’s Lego figurine platform to create the customization of the heads. By just offering the head, the company could use just two images from a person’s computer and significantly cut back on costs. Additionally, the smaller item would be more affordable to the end user as the product is much smaller.

The 3D printed Lego head costs about $43.55 in USD. However, the company has an ongoing promotion that allows you to buy two get one free. Funky3DFaces says that every third item is free during payment. Therefore, if you buy six of the custom heads, you will only pay for four. Sadly, for those with small children, the company says that they cannot guarantee the accuracy of babies and children under five, as their facial figures are not fully formed and do not replicate well. It is also noted that the heads are printed on a sandstone material and are not waterproof. Therefore, do not take your new mini Lego you into the water.

What do you think about the custom 3D Lego heads? Would you purchase a miniature replica of yourself to play in your Lego world?

[Image via Funky3DFaces/Twitter]