WWE News: Update On WWE Superstar Cesaro’s Injury, Is He A Possibility For ‘WrestleMania 32’?

WWE Superstar Cesaro had one heck of a year in 2015. It had to come to an abrupt end, however, when the Swiss Superman hurt his shoulder and ended up having to get surgery late last year. He was reportedly doing well progress-wise but had to go back to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit the Orthosports Clinic, where Dr. James Andrews practices. Cesaro obviously needed to get an update on how well he has been recovering so he could know when he was able to perform in a WWE ring again.

WWE superstar John Cena was actually in the Birmingham area for his own surgery at the same time Cesaro was at the clinic. This is why we have seen a few pictures of the two together. Cesaro is a good friend of Cena’s and a workout partner of his when they are on the road. We can probably assume this is why they are both freakishly strong.

PWInsider noted that Cesaro was at the hospital to get checked out this past week. When Cena got hurt, he was able to get in for his surgery very quickly. So the two sort of just ran into each other due to how the scheduling worked out. While the details of what he was told have not been released at this point, the impression among many was that Cesaro could have a shot to make WrestleMania this year.

Cesaro Cena hospital
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He very well could just be a surprise competitor in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which he won in the inaugural match at WrestleMania 30. While that is by no means confirmed, Cesaro’s injury had about a four- to six-month recovery time. He had surgery in November. Due to WrestleMania still being months away still, it is quite possible he competes at the event.

If he worked the battle royal, it would take some pressure off as he would not have to work in a big time 30-minute match with someone and risk re-aggravating the injury.

Again however, Cesaro very well could be told to not perform for another month or so after WrestleMania. Cesaro has been in Orlando where he has rehabbed his injury with the staff at the WWE Performance Center since he has been allowed to go home and recover. Due to the fact that the WWE has a state-of-the-art facility for him to do his physical therapy, Cesaro did not have to stay in Birmingham to do his rehab. However, he may have to do so if his injury is not healing as it is supposed to.

Cesaro over
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Triple H once stayed for months in the city to rehab his quad injury. He wanted to stay with the best in the world and recover as best he could so he would be able to get back in time for WrestleMania the following year. Some WWE superstars have followed The Game on this and stayed in the city to rehab instead of going somewhere else.

The chances are pretty high that due to the WWE Performance Center now being available for the WWE stars, most will end up going there to rehab with their own people rather than pay for the rehab at a clinic of any kind.

While Cesaro’s injury was not quite as severe as that of Seth Rollins, Tyson Kidd, and others. The thought is that WWE wants to take it slow with those coming back from any injury as they cannot afford to lose anyone again. 2015 and early 2016 has not been good for WWE when it comes to injuries.

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