WWE News: Nexus Reunion Being Discussed Backstage

In WWE news, Ryback revealed during a media conference call to promote Smackdown moving to the USA Network that a Nexus reunion is being discussed, according to Wrestling Inc.

When you are a performer for WWE, you learn quickly that you need to have a strong grasp of what to say to the media because word will eventually get back to management somehow.

That is a reason why certain performers are allowed to be elevated into the top spot on the roster. Miz was given a world heavyweight title reign because of how he presents himself in public.

While Ryback was promoting the big USA Network move for Smackdown, he revealed that some of his former stablemates and he still talk about doing a potential Nexus reunion soon.

Since the stable was highly featured for more than a year, a Nexus reunion would create quite the buzz for World Wrestling Entertainment and the guys that were involved in the group.

For all the criticism that is levied towards the guy, Ryback actually does make an effort to try to get himself that big main event push that he has always dreamed about receiving.

If WWE were to approach Ryback with the idea of rejoining Nexus, even if it is just for a couple of weeks or months, he will more than likely jump on board to get into the spotlight.

Nexus [Photo by WWE]

King Barrett is currently a member of the League of Nations, but since it has been losing momentum as of late, he might not be opposed to going back to be the leader of the Nexus.

Daniel Bryan has been itching for WWE to clear him to return to the ring, so if rejoining the Nexus increases his chances of being able to wrestle again, Bryan might be quick to sign up.

Darren Young isn’t a priority to the WWE creative department right now, so if he is looking for a way to increase his job security, then Young might be inclined to accept the invitation.

Michael Tarver is no longer with WWE, and it seems highly unlikely that management would go through the trouble of bringing him back into the mix because of a Nexus reunion.

Justin Gabriel was so frustrated with his role in WWE that he demanded that management give him a release, which they gladly did, so he does not appear to be an option nowadays.

Heath Slater and Curtis Axel were recently lumped in together with Bo Dallas and Adam Rose in the Social Outcasts stable, but WWE would quickly replace them with a Nexus reunion.

David Otunga is rarely seen on television nowadays, so many forget that he is still with WWE. Since Otunga would have an on-screen role with the Nexus, a return would be probable.

WWE Nexus
Nexus [Photo by WWE]

While it is true that Mason Ryan is now an archer for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, he might be tempted if another opportunity with World Wrestling Entertainment comes calling.

Bray Wyatt has already established an awesome new character, so it really is hard to envision him reverting back to the Husky Harris character and signing up for a Nexus reunion.

CM Punk and WWE went through a very bitter divorce not too long ago, so the odds of him being a part of a Nexus reunion would be almost non-existent. Plus, he’s a UFC fighter now.

John Cena was briefly a member of the Nexus, and while he doesn’t necessarily need to be involved in a reunion, the move would create some rather interesting stories for his character.

A Nexus reunion would create quite the buzz for WWE.

[Image via WWE]