FriendFeed Unveils New Widget Offerings


FriendFeed has advanced its never-quite-publicized blog widget into full public release and has added in a few other new widgets for the grabbing at the same time.

The blog widget -- now officially called the FriendFeed Feed Widget -- lets you dynamically display your feed on any site that accepts HTML embed code. It's essentially the same option that had previously been available in beta but now with newly built-in options for customization -- things that used to have to be done via CSS coding. Some of the advanced customization options still require CSS, but the new widget page features a handy guide to the parameters, which makes things far easier than the educated guessing game you had to play with the beta version. For some odd reason, the widget won't display correctly here at the moment, but I've had success embedding it in other places.

The other offerings include the FriendFeed Badge, which displays your services and recent activity; the Share on FriendFeed link, which lets site visitors share your content on their feeds with a single mouse click; and the FriendFeed Chicklet, which creates a small, Digg-style image to link visitors to your FriendFeed:

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All together, a good step forward for FriendFeed, no doubt.