WWE News: TNA And ROH Stars Davey Richards And Eddie Edwards To Sign With WWE?

WWE has been on a huge roll from late 2015 until now, as they have attempted to and obviously have been successful in signing some of the top names from the independent scene. They grabbed top female performers Kanna and Athena, then went after the likes of Biff Busick and Richie Swann. Now they are attempting to sign AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Shinsuke Nakamura out of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Triple H, the head of talent relations, is obviously a huge wrestling fan who wants to bring in the people that fans want to see. We have been begging for WWE to sign AJ Styles for years, as well as Nakamura. So Triple H, now with more control over talent than ever, is going out to sign the best of the best from around the world. Many will start in WWE NXT, but some might end up on the main roster fairly soon.

It should come as no surprise then that WWE is interested in bringing in former ROH World Champions and Tag Team greats Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Both have proven to be great as a tag team with The American Wolves. However, they have also proven they can be draws as singles performers. Again, they both held the ROH World Title.

Wolves TNA tag titles
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There is now said to be a lot of speculation surrounding the two, as Davey Richards tweeted out a very interesting message to his fans last night.

It is very interesting that Richards would say that he and Eddie cannot take bookings after May 1 of this year. Both TNA and ROH have not signed a lot of their talent to exclusive deals. While the top TNA performers get enough to stay just with TNA like Kurt Angle and EC3, the Wolves are not part of this type of money ring.

TNA President Dixie Carter came out this past week and said that WWE is attempting to raid her roster, which is strange to hear as most of the talent that appeared on the most recent episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV are under contract for a while, barring Matt and Jeff Hardy.

TNA could be attempting to change things with both Richards and Edwards, however. According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA announced in January of 2015 that in May of 2015 that The Wolves had signed new contracts, which were believed to be for one more year at the time. That would push them into May 1 exactly for when their deal is up with TNA. They had been working outside bookings while under contract with TNA.

Wolves re-sign in 2015
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It is believed by many that TNA might be trying to restructure their deals with both men, which might bring their pay up more so they would be exclusive to TNA. However, there is now speculation that WWE is attempting to bring both guys in. If WWE was interested in bringing them in, it would be for an exclusive deal. This is mainly due to their age. They are both 32-years-old, which is younger than some of WWE’s top NXT stars right now.

For Davey to tell the world that he and Eddie are unavailable after May 1 is certainly telling and due to what TNA has been offering them over the years, it makes no sense to think that they would suddenly pay them an extreme amount when they have others that they need to keep that are bigger stars for them like a Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, and EC3 (who has teased leaving TNA on social media).

While their deal with TNA is not up yet, WWE can talk with anyone on the roster. With Carter then coming out to say that WWE is trying to raid her talent, it makes all the sense in the world to think that the American Wolves might end up in WWE by this summer.

They did have a short stint with WWE a while back, and even performed on NXT under the name The Pitbulls. While Triple H was reportedly impressed, he felt he had enough people on the roster of their size and decided against signing them at the time. Now, with NXT needing more talent this year for touring, it might be that WWE is interested in bringing both men in. We will have to see what happens.

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