Olivia Caridi Or Lace Morris: Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 Villain? [Spoilers]

Every season of The Bachelor has a contestant who is pegged the “mean girl” or “villain.” Just one week into Season 20, it appears that this will be a drama-filled season with two girls getting the villain edit — Lace Morris and Olivia Caridi.

Who will turn out to be the bigger villain, and how long do Lace and Olivia last with Bachelor Ben Higgins? Here’s the scoop on both girls, spoilers included.

Wetpaint compares Lace to Tierra LiCausi from Sean Lowe’s season of the Bachelor, and that’s not at all flattering. Not only does she get ticked off that Ben turns her down for a second kiss after she forced the first one on him straight out of the limo, Lace starts off on the wrong foot with the other girls after she does some trash talking about Becca Tilley. She made is clear on the premiere that she isn’t thrilled Chris Soules’ runner-up is there for another shot at finding love, but that’s not all.

It’s apparent that Lace had a few too many cocktails on the premiere and she doesn’t hold back about anything. Although many fans were calling Ben out on Twitter for keeping her around last week for drinking too much and starting drama in the mansion, Ben doesn’t get to see everything that’s going on, so we have to cut him some slack.

However, Ben seems to be more than aware that something may be a little off with Lace. In his blog on People, Ben wrote that he was “floored” that Lace pulled him aside after the first rose ceremony and wasn’t thrilled that she questioned his intentions.

“When Lace pulled me aside, I was floored, honestly. After all that had gone on that night (and I hadn’t even seen the half of it!) was she really questioning my intentions after I had just sent seven incredible women home?! But I guess you’ll have to see next week. Just the first of an immeasurable amount of twists, turns and surprises…”

Lace’s antics will continue through Week 2 (she will go on one of the group dates) and and Week 3, but spoilers indicate that her journey to find love with Ben will end there. Reality Steve states that she will go on another group date on the third episode, but after “butting heads” with Ben she decides to leave the show. It won’t be a big surprise if fans see Lace return for some more drama on Bachelor in Paradise 3 this summer.

Although Lace’s run as a mean girl is short, Olivia Caridi will apparently take the position and turn into this season’s villain. The Virginia-based news reporter received Ben’s first impression rose on Week 1, and her cattiness comes through by the second week when she makes snide remarks about one of the contestants during a group date.

Check out the video below to get a hint of what Olivia’s attitude will be like this season.

It’s not clear if Olivia wants Ben or if she just wants to win, but even host Chris Harrison doesn’t think she’s there for the right reasons. Harrison tells Yahoo! that he thinks Olivia is there for publicity, and soon Ben will be wondering “if she is there for the right reasons.”

But that’s not all. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Olivia broke off a serious relationship shortly before she left to film the show and is pretending to be a Christian to get Ben’s attention.

It sounds like there’s big-time drama ahead with Olivia, who will undoubtedly get a bigger villain edit than Lace. However, she’ll do a good job of fooling Ben into keeping her around for awhile. She’s rumored to last until Week 6 when she will supposedly be dumped on a two-on-one date in the Bahamas.

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