Meghan Trainor Shares The Details Of Why Her First Kiss Was ‘Terrible’

Meghan Trainor recalled her first kiss on The Late Late Show with host James Corden, Movie Fone reported on Thursday.

Trainor was a freshman in high school when she was set to receive her first kiss. But a case of the flu kept Meghan from getting a chance to lock lips with the boy, Trainor dished to James Corden.

“This dude, he backed me up to my wall, and he was like, ‘Can I kiss you?’ We were like kinda dating, but it was like our first thing. And I was like, ‘Yeah, hold that thought.’ And I ran to my bathroom. I threw up.”

The reason Meghan experienced her upset stomach had nothing to do with her nerves or “being grossed out,” she explained. Instead, Trainor blamed the illness for interrupting her first kiss from the boy.

“It hit me at that moment in time,” Trainor continued. “I tried to make it so cool. I was like ‘I’m going to throw up on him, or I’m going to throw up in the bathroom.’ So I was like, ‘Hold that thought. I’m going to go throw up real quick.'”

Corden jokingly asked Meghan if the reason she threw up was actually alcohol-related.

“We hear what you were saying,” James said. “You were 14 and drunk.”

Meghan quickly shrugged off the funny suggestion.

“No… I was a baby!” Trainor also motioned to her cup on The Late Late Show set. “There might be booze in that, but I was 14,” Meghan joked about Corden’s suggestion.

Both Trainor and Corden kept the hilarious moments flowing on the show. The host later asked Meghan about her youth, revealing Trainor had played football as a child. Explaining her role as a center provided some censor-worthy banter for television viewers.

In addition to the interview, Meghan and James performed a spoof of the hit song “All About the Bass” with a New Year’s resolution flavor.

Entitled “All About the Change,” Trainor and her cohort mocked how short-lived resolutions tend to be with hysterical lyrics.

“Resolutions are worthless, we all know that’s why we’re here,” James and Meghan quipped before adding, “I’ll be the same disappointment I’ve been for the past three years.”

Meghan has another famous kiss in her past, but this kiss was on national television. At the American Music Awards in November, Trainor and fellow artist Charlie Puth locked lips after singing their hit song “Marvin Gaye.” The recording artists denied having any relationship after sharing the kiss on-screen directly after the event.

Meghan took the time before the American Music Awards to discuss what she seeks in a man, the Inquisitr reported. Being a musician is perhaps on the top of her list, while too many selfies is a turnoff, Trainor told reporters before the awards ceremony.

With her list in mind, several questions arise when discussing if Trainor is potentially dating DeAndre Jordan of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. Meghan and DeAndre have been spotted together in Los Angeles at a restaurant, and the two drove off together in the same car. The sighting has led to rumors about the pair’s relationship, but the two have not commented on their status since the outing.

Meghan also leaked that her sophomore album will be released in the next few months, E! Online reported.

“It’s going to be big. I don’t have a date yet, but we’re doing the final mixes this week.”

Trainor also said the new album will be called Thank You with a song by the same name.

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[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]