18-Month-Old Girl Becomes One Of The Youngest Australians To Donate A Heart, ‘The Wiggles’ Offer Their Condolences

An 18-month old girl, Ezabella Wilson, passed away just after Christmas in Australia. However, her parents say that Ezabella’s passing was not “all for nothing.” The little girl’s heart continues to beat as it was transplanted into another ailing child’s chest. The little girl’s parents say they are finding comfort knowing that their daughter’s heart saved another person’s life. The transplant made Ezabella go down in history as one of the youngest heart donors in Australian history.

The Daily Mail reports that Ezabella Wilson became one of Australia’s youngest organ donors after she passed away on Boxing Day. The little girl had previously captured the hearts of The Wiggles, a popular children’s television series featuring characters Anthony, Emma, Simon, and Lachy. The “yellow” Wiggle, Emma, was Ezabella’s favorite, and she was frequently photographed clutching her Emma doll while receiving treatments in the hospital.

After seeing her love of their show, the Wiggles were vocal supporters for Ezabella’s cause and advocated for the little girl’s recovery. The Wiggles commitment to Ezabella didn’t end after her passing. The Wiggles posted to their official Facebook account about the little girl’s untimely passing and requested that fans visit the family’s page, Awareness for Ezabella, for more information on how they can help the family.

Wiggles Ezabella

“We are so sorry to learn of the passing of Ezabella or Bella as she was known. We have been told that she cuddled her Emma doll until the end. We are sending our most sincere condolences to Bella’s parents Naomi and Nick and her brother and sister, Joshua and Alexis as well as all of Bella’s family and friends. Our thoughts are with you.”

The Wilson family has kept a personal blog about Ezabella’s battle with a rare form of chromosome deletion disorder and Trachoesophageal Fistula (TOF). The disorder made it nearly impossible for the little girl to properly swallow and the family knew her life would likely be cut short due to her condition. However, her parents say that the condition didn’t stop their daughter from living her short life to the fullest with a bubbly personality.

The Wilsons say that their daughter’s passing was somewhat unexpected as she was healthy and had a clear chest on December 21. However, her condition would rapidly decrease on December 26 and she would be declared brain dead. While her parents, Nick and Naomi, were still grieving, they decided to give the most precious gift possible, their daughter’s heart to another child in need. The family originally wanted to donate Ezabella’s kidney, liver, lungs, and heart. However, her kidneys were too damaged to be used and her liver and lungs were too small. However, her heart was perfect and the doctors quickly prepared the little girl to give up her still beating heart.

Ezabella’s family members say it was difficult to let the little girl go but that they are comforted by knowing that the little girl’s lost life was able to give another child renewed life. Her aunt says that though they do not know the child that received the heart, they do know that the child is recovering well.

“We aren’t able to know who received her heart, but we know it’s a little boy and he’s recovering well. My sister had been feeling sad but I rang her after she received the letter to say the little boy was recovering well and you could hear the happiness in her voice. Organ donation is the biggest miracle and gift anyone can give. It’s comforting to know a family member who’s passed can save someone else’s life.”

[Image via Facebook/Awareness For Ezabella]