‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Spoilers: Which Girl Turns Down Ben’s Rose During Week 2? [Spoilers]

The Bachelor returns on Monday night for Week 2, and Ben Higgins will start his first round of dates in Los Angeles. Who will go on the first one-on-one with Ben, and which girls will go on group dates on the episode that airs January 11? Find this week’s spoilers below, along with the scoop on who goes home and which girl turns Ben down at the rose ceremony.

On last week’s season premiere, Ben sent home seven ladies including Breanne Rice, Tiara Soleim, Meagan Miller, Lauren Russell, Isabel Goodkind, Laura Esselman, and Jessica Moser. Many fans thought Lace Morris should go home because she was drinking a bit too much, with Carter Matt stating that the Colorado realtor is already exhibiting signs of being this year’s villain. However, Ben decided to give her a chance, so she will be sticking around for at least another week.

The cast and crew will remain in Los Angeles for Week 2, and Reality Steve states that out of the 21 remaining girls, four will go dateless. Jami, Lauren B., Rachel, and Leah will not be picked for a date on Monday night, so they will have to sun themselves by the mansion pool until the rose ceremony.

Spoilers indicate that both group dates will have some serious sexual innuendos this week. So much for Ben holding back on the physical part of dating, per his conversation with the International Business Times. His first group date with 10 girls will take place at a school, where they will make volcanos and bob for apples. JoJo is rumored to get the group date rose, so she’ll make it through to Week 3.

The second group date involves six girls who get sweaty on the treadmill and let Ben sniff them. It’s a scientific experiment gone wrong for one girl, who is told she smells sour. However, one of this season’s early frontrunners, Olivia Caridi, gets the group date rose for smelling the best. Hopefully, the dates get a little more more romantic from here on out.

Before the Week 2 rose ceremony, one contestant gets to go on the season’s first one-on-one date. Caila Quinn, who is rumored to make it to the final three, will not only get to hang out with Ben for the day, she’ll also meet two movie stars. According to ABC, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube will make an appearance to promote their movie, Ride Along 2, so the date will probably involve watching the movie, talking, and not eating any of the food that’s on display.

“Ben’s first one-on-one date will be filled with laughter as he and one lucky contestant are joined by Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. The comedian and hip hop mogul will be the ones planning Ben’s date, so you know it will be one for the record books.”

Once the dates are over, it’s time for another cocktail party and a rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, there’s already a shake-up two weeks in when Ben gives a rose to contestant Lauren Barr and she turns him down.

“Lauren Barr was offered a rose by Ben but didn’t accept it and left,” Steve writes. “Apparently the show wasn’t what she expected and she didn’t want to be there anymore.”

After Lauren’s unexpected departure, Ben sends Sam Passmore and Jackie Dion home, leaving him with 18 ladies who will move on to Week 3. Ben and his ladies will stay in L.A. for another week, and then the traveling will begin. Check out this season’s full travel itinerary here.

Watch the Bachelor starring Ben Higgins on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.