Madonna Going Through Difficult Time While Fighting For Custody Of Son Rocco

Madonna is going through a difficult time right now while fighting for custody of her 15-year-old son, Rocco. Since Rocco went to London to visit his father, Guy Ritchie, he doesn’t want to come back now and he is missing school because of it.

Us Weekly reported that a judge has ordered Rocco to return to New York to go back to school after the long holiday vacation but so far, Rocco has ignored the judges’ orders. A close friend of Madonna’s told Us Weekly that she is going through a really rough time right now because of this messy custody battle with ex-husband Guy Ritchie. She believes strongly in her children getting a good education and is devastated that Rocco hasn’t returned home yet.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Madonna is so depressed over the situation with her son and her ex-husband that she has been crying constantly. She even admitted that she is having a hard time with shows. She says sometimes she doesn’t have the strength or the energy to do a show. However, she told her fans while she was in Mexico doing a concert that when she looks at them she feels the love they have for her and the strength they give her. She is very grateful to her fans for this and thanked them all for the love and strength they have for her.

Although the judge ordered Rocco return to New York City to his mother so he can return to school, Guy Ritchie’s attorney argued that Rocco has expressed very clearly that he does not want to go back to New York City.

Just like a close source mentioned, Rocco is a typical 15-year-old and said, “he wants to do what he wants to do.”

However, the source also said that Madonna is a great mother and Ritchie has a hidden agenda.

The source also went on to explain that this whole thing is 40 percent Rocco and 60 percent Ritchie. The close source added that Ritchie is really messing with Madonna again and is putting things into their son’s head about his mother. Madonna and Guy Ritchie were together for eight years before they got a divorce in 2008. Madonna has other children as well including Lordes Leon who is now 19 years old, David Banda who is 10 years old, and Mercy who is nine years old. Guy Ritchie got remarried to Jacqui Ainsley and currently has three young children with her.

Rocco was on tour with Madonna during her Rebel Heart’s tour but walked out and went to stay with his dad after she reportedly took his cell phone away because she was afraid it was interfering with his grades. That is what any normal mother would do for her child when wanting them to have a good education. However, Rocco was reportedly upset with his mother for doing this, so he went to spend Christmas and New Year’s with his father in London and now he does not want to come back, or so Ritchie’s attorney claims. As mentioned above, the source, who knows the ex-couple, thinks it is mostly Ritchie putting bad things in Rocco’s head about his mother.

Although Madonna is having a difficult time while touring because of this ugly custody battle with Ritchie, she will continue to tour throughout the month of January and will wrap up her tour on January 28.

Through all of this drama with Guy Ritchie and Rocco, Madonna continues to show so much love for her children on her social media accounts.

People says Madonna is prepared to fight to the end to get her son back full time and get him back in school and home, where he belongs with her and his siblings.

(AP Photo/Christian Palma)