Woman Shamed On Social Media For Stomach Hair Hits Back By Noting Her Hip-To-Waist Ratio Is On Point

A woman posted a somewhat innocent body selfie to Twitter noting that she was feeling the “Walmart underwear vibes.” However, it wasn’t the underwear that some internet trolls were looking at, it was the hair on her tummy. The woman was criticized by many on the social networking website for failing to shave, but the body confident poster wouldn’t budge noting that the first thing people should have noticed was her amazing hip-to-waist ratio.

walmart underwear vibes pic.twitter.com/wo66OQGIdo

— pakola papi (@iranikanjari) December 24, 2015

The Daily Mail reports that Twitter user Pakola Papi posted a photo of herself lounging casually in some Walmart underwear without realizing it would turn into her most popular post. However, it wasn’t for the reasons you may expect. When Papi posted the image to Twitter, she says she was focused on her killer hip-to-waist ratio noting that it was more on point than ever before.

“I originally posted these BC my hip to waist ratio has never been so perfect and that was completely ignored so I’m pressed.”

The Twitter user quickly realized that her hip-to-waist ratio was not what many viewers were seeing due to the fact that she had some tummy fuzz. Users began criticizing Papi for not shaving, noting that instead of spending money at Walmart on underwear, she should instead invest in some razors.

The mean commentary continued with people noting “No Shave November” was over and others keeping it simply by stating, “Shave pls.”

No shave November been over boo. #YoureWelcome RT @iranikanjari: walmart underwear vibes pic.twitter.com/aUIQmZ7q6y

— Dr Vegas (@D0NTSPAMMECUH) January 3, 2016

Despite the negative comments, there was also a lot of love on Papi’s post praising her for normalizing body hair and natural women. Both male and female Twitter users stepped up to provide support to the woman who they say is beautiful with or without body hair.

It doesn’t appear that Papi is letting the negative comments get to her. Instead of responding to the negativity, she is responding directly to those who have praised her appearance and confidence. Though she says the Walmart underwear post would be the one to “take the cake.”

Though Papi didn’t respond directly to the haters on her Twitter feed, her many followers did. One user posted that her stomach hair was fuller than his beard and one of the woman’s followers suggested using some products to thicken his beard up because it was obviously underwhelming. Others simply responded to the hate with more love and continued to praise Papi for normalizing the body hair that naturally grows on women’s bodies.

What do you think about all of the body hair shamers on the seemingly innocent underwear post? Does it surprise you that Twitter users would be so quick to judge the woman for having hair on her stomach, or is internet trolling becoming so popular that social media users should just expect to receive negative comments on anything that they post? Have you ever had a photo trolled on a social media website? How did you handle the negative comments?

[Image via Twitter/ iranikanjari]