iOS 9.3 Running On iPhone 6c Or 7c Set For March 2016 Release During An Apple Event?

Following Apple’s recent release of the latest beta version for its current mobile OS, the iOS 9.2.1, rumors are rife that a new iteration, the iOS 9.3, will have a release date same as the iPhone 6c or 7c.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, iOS 9.2.1 is possibly the last Apple mobile firmware to be released before the anticipated March event of the company. The Apple event is purported to unveil a 4-inch iPhone, which will likely be called the iPhone 6c or 7c, filling in as the successor of the iPhone 5c.

iOS 9.3 Running on iPhone 6c Or 7c?
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Further grapevines suggest that the 4-inch Apple smartphone to be unveiled during Apple’s March 2016 rumored event will run a new firmware, the iOS 9.3. According to Product Review’s post, the iOS 9.3 is needed to fix issues that the iOS 9.2 was not able to resolve.

Although the iOS 9.2 brought in a few enhancements, a good number of recurring concerns were experienced by the users. Some of the persistent dilemmas cited by Apple phone users from the previous iOS versions include the seemingly unending issue on Wifi as well as Calendar and clipboard glitches. Moreover, iPhone owners are also having issues with Apple Music and Touch ID.

Folks from Product Reviews are hoping that iOS 9.3, come its release date, will be able to finally offer a lasting solution to all these persistent issues.

Meanwhile, iOS 9.2.1 second beta was recently released by Apple. Christian Today noted that it came three weeks after the first beta version. For the uninitiated, the beta version for Apple’s mobile firmware is available only to developers, testers, and members of the company’s Beta Program.

It should be noted as well that those already running on iOS 9.2.1 can no longer install earlier versions of the operating system. The beta version comes with build number 13D14.

The schedule for the official public roll-out for iOS 9.2.1 has not been announced by Apple yet but it is reportedly in the horizon, as reported by Christian Today.

Going back to the iOS 9.3 release, other products from the iPhone maker are also expected to arrive alongside the upcoming major iOS iteration. For instance, Gotta Be Mobile shared that a new Apple Watch might also have a grand unveiling at the March event.

Know Your Mobile also noted the possibility that a new iOS tablet will be available this March. Since the iPad Air did not get a new generation this 2015, it is most likely that Apple is planning to unveil the iPad Air 3 on its event this March.

iOS 9.3 Arriving together with Ipad Air 2 Successor?
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However, tech fans looking forward to get their hands on the 2016 flagship device of the tech giant might not see the iPhone 7 yet this first quarter of the year. The release date timeframe for the iPhone 7 is expected later this year, if Apple’s history for its launch schedule is to be followed, Gotta Be Mobile explained.

“This is too early for the stage of rumors and it is also a major deviation from Apple’s annual upgrade plans. Now that the Apple iPhone Upgrade plan lets you buy the new iPhone every year with a monthly payment, it is very unlikely that the iPhone 7 release date will come until fall 2016.”

If the iOS 9.3 will officially arrive earlier this year together with a 4-inch Apple phone, the iPhone 7 is most likely to come pre-installed with it or a slightly advanced version of the OS.

But since all these details emerging about iOS 9.3 release and other forthcoming Apple products remain to be unofficial, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans are expected to take all these with a grain of salt. Inquisitr will keep you updated once Apple releases any official information about the iOS 9.3 and its new iOS devices.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)