After Not Seeing Her For Over A Year, Tom Cruise Demands Custody Of Daughter Suri

Even though Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in almost two years he has now decided to seek custody of his daughter Suri. Cruise is allegedly upset that his former wife, Katie Holmes is getting serious with Jamie Foxx, and they are thinking of getting married. Tom Cruise is also upset that Suri is not involved in any way with Scientology, as that was a big reason that Holmes took Suri and moved to the east coast.

According to the Inquisitr, Tom Cruise is looking for his fourth wife right now, and has put Scientology leader David Miscavige on the job of finding him an “Amal Clooney.” But Cruise now requires that a new wife also be a Scientology zealot, and have the religion be a focal point in her life. But Tom Cruise has now decided that getting custody of Suri is his priority.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Katie Holmes is in for a tough legal fight, as Tom Cruise has infinite funds to fight her for Suri.

“[Tom] is planning to make a big effort [to spend more time with Suri],” a source tells InTouch. “Tom has the money and the legal clout to re-enter his daughter’s life in a big way. If he wants to play a larger role in Suri’s life with more custody rights, there’s no deterring him.”

Cruise allegedly feels “double crossed” since he learned that Holmes was serious with his former friend, Jamie Foxx.

“He’s been fine with Katie raising Suri as a single parent. There’s no way he’s going to sit still and let another man — especially Jamie — raise his daughter.”

Katie Holmes is particularly scared of Cruise turning Suri into a Scientology nut, and she is trying to protect her. Suri has also spent much more time with Jamie Foxx in recent years than she has with Cruise, who she really doesn’t know, and the plan for an upcoming marriage has made Cruise angry, and perhaps jealous.

“There’s going to be a wedding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a custody battle. Katie knows her decision to marry Jamie could invite Tom and his team of advisers and lawyers back into her and Suri’s life. But that isn’t going to stop her. Katie just wants to live a normal life — and that life now includes Jamie.”

The Daily Mail revealed that Katie Holmes has been sporting a diamond ring on her ring finger. Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never publicly revealed that they are dating, let alone engaged, so this comes as a surprise to fans.

“They’ve discussed eloping or having a small, quiet wedding in an out-of-the-way place,” a friend said. ‘They’re happy.”

But the same friend said that Holmes is scared of the way Tom Cruise will react to the idea that Suri has a new father figure in her life, even though he has chosen not to spend time with his own child.

“She’s afraid that he’ll be angry that Suri will have a new father figure and come crashing back into her and Suri’s lives.”

Though in the last 800 days, Tom Cruise had made no effort to see Suri, he changed course and suddenly decided to see her this Christmas season. There is no word on whether that has to do with Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes relationship.

Do you think Tom Cruise is trying to get custody of Suri to draw her into Scientology?

[Photo courtesy of Donald Traill/AP]